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Virtual Event Microsites

Remove the physical barriers, cost and resource of traditional fundraising events and acquire supporters anywhere, at any time. Our Virtual Event microsites drive supporter engagement by providing a platform that fits with your supporters’ passion for fitness and fundraising.

  • Remove geographical barriers and bring your supporters together to enhance engagement and build stronger communities
  • Tap into your fundraiser’s competitive streak with leaderboards and custom widgets for teams and individuals
  • Focus on your supporter journey with less time and money spent on funding and organising physical events


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DIY Fundraising Hubs

Inspire your supporters to organise their own fundraising initiatives with a centralised hub that showcases all the ways they can support your cause.

  • Create an engaging, branded and mobile-optimised online presence to attract more supporters
  • Showcase fundraising campaigns, events and amount raised
  • Inspire individuals and teams to get involved by including supporter galleries and leaderboards


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Fundraising Event Microsites

Showcase your flagship events with a fully branded, mobile responsive, multi-page site to house everything your supporters need to donate or get involved.

  • Drive engagement with interactive design and dynamic content built in line with your brand and mission
  • Gain visibility by showcasing your key events and initiatives in one place that’s easily accessible by your supporters and fundraising teams
  • Save time and resource by managing all your fitness and fundraising data from one central location
  • Feature real-time updates including total funds raised, leaderboards and custom fundraising widgets


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Customised Fundraising Widgets and Components



Real-time metrics

• Total funds raised
• Total supporters
• Number of donations
• Progress bar


Real-time supporter widgets

• Fundraiser gallery
• Find a supporter
• Individual & team leaderboards
• Social network feeds


Our Digital Services are designed to help you



A branded online presence with websites & campaign pages



Your community & turn them into advocates



New supporter acquisition & fundraising



Time & internal resources so that you can scale your event


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About Digital Services

Together with our colleagues at Blackbaud, we’ve created a new in-house
digital and design team that can build beautiful microsites and landing pages
that deliver a top-notch experience for your supporters. 


JustGiving became part of the Blackbaud family in 2018. We’re so excited to
be sharing this new service to help you raise more money and power more good in the world.