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Bring all your supporters together with one central hub for fundraising and donations.

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Getting Started

Why use a Campaign Page?

Quickly and easily raise money online

Launch a Campaign Page fast and easy to raise money for any project, event, or appeal.

Build a community around your cause

Individuals and teams can donate directly, or connect their own pages to your campaign to raise money from family and friends.

Create engaging fundraising experiences

Make it yours. Customise your page by adding charity’s colours, logo, story, videos, livestreams, and more.

Reach more people than ever

We tell your supporters when your page goes live so people can easily share it with their networks.


Create a Campaign Page

Raise more money and reach more people. Launch your Campaign Page today to get started.

Create a Campaign Page


Campaign Page features


  • A charity-branded landing page on JustGiving
  • Fundraising target and totaliser
  • Unlimited Fundraising Pages connected to your Campaign
  • Customisable cover images, videos, or livestreams
  • Customisable background images and galleries
  • Default images, story, and targets for connected Fundraising


Launch a Campaign Page in a few steps



Customise your page with your charity’s story, photos, videos, livestreams, and more.



Set it live right away or save a Draft you can launch when the time is right.


Spread the word

Get your unique URLs and QR code to share with your supporters.


Get donations

Get donations directly or via Fundraising Pages connected to your campaign.

Using a Campaign Page

How can you use a Campaign Page?

Whether it’s a big community run, dedicated event for your charity, bake sale, concert, or beyond, every event has the power to make an impact.

Host an event

Build an event hub or fundraising challenge with all your fundraising and donations in one place.

Fund a specific project

Rally your supporters around your new educational initiative, hospital wing, or other fundraising project.

Launch an emergency appeal

Respond to unexpected events in minutes and enable people anywhere to donate directly or fundraise to help.

Registered charities and nonprofits can join JustGiving. UK charities will need to have a charitable registration number or a Gift Aid number to join. Learn more.

We’re committed to providing a cost-effective service to our charity partners and as such we don’t charge a platform fee on any individual donations made to charities.

Instead we give donors the option to make a voluntary contribution to the cost of maintaining our platform should they wish. Learn more.

Login to your JustGiving charity account and click the Campaigns tab to get started creating your Campaign Page.

We send donation payments directly to your charity’s bank account every week. Learn more.

Your supporters can donate on JustGiving in five currencies: British pounds, US dollars, euros, Canadian dollars and Australian dollars. Learn more.

Yes! Supporters can choose to make one-off donations, or set up recurring monthly donations, for both Campaign Pages and connected Fundraising Pages. Learn more.

Yes, you can customise the branding on your Campaign Page, Fundraising Page, and charity profile page. Learn more.

Yes, you can use a Campaign Page for any event. Learn more about how to set up a Campaign Page for an event.

Yes, click here to see the reports you can access in your JustGiving account.

In addition to getting donations, having people to fundraise for your Campaign Page is a great way to crowdfund your appeals and projects.

By sharing their fundraising story, people fundraising for your cause can help you get even more supporters for your Campaign, as they’ll spread awareness of your appeal AND raise money. Learn more.

Yes! You can add a livestream as your Campaign Page’s cover, making it even more immersive for your supporters. Learn more.

Yes, you can add offline amounts straight to your Campaign Page to contribute to the collective total. Learn more.


Create a Campaign Page

Raise more money and reach more people. Launch your Campaign Page today to get started.

Create a Campaign Page