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Empower individual fundraisers to join their fundraising pages together and raise money toward a shared goal.

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Team pages are the best way for groups of any size to fundraise together.

Your supporters get all the same amazing benefits as fundraising individually on JustGiving – simple setup, customisation, 0% platform fees, plus everything they need to connect and collaborate for more impact.

Raise £36 more on average when people team up

There’s power in uniting people to grow your charity’s revenue. When people fundraise together, they become more confident, feel supported, and raise more money.

Team pages on JustGiving help people raise 36% more on average!

Shared and individual fundraising targets

Teams can rally together and all support the same charity. Or, every team member can choose their own charity, Campaign Page, or event to fundraise for, while still contributing to the same collective goal.

Team pages show every member’s individual fundraising total, plus a team totaliser the entire group can celebrate.

Branded and customisable pages

Your charity’s or campaign’s logo and colours will appear every time a supporter creates a Team page. Every team can then customise their team name, fundraising story, cover photo, team and individual targets. And all pages are mobile-friendly and can easily be managed on mobile phones.

Spark friendly fundraiser competition

Every team has a designated Team Captain to manage the team, boost motivation, and foster camaraderie between teammates to raise more money overall. Teams can also leverage our extensive fundraising resources and top tips to customise and share their page for maximum impact.

Plus, fundraisers doing fitness activities can connect apps like Strava and Fitbit to raise even more.


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Raise more money by bringing fundraisers together with Team pages. Join the world’s most trusted fundraising platform today.

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how it works

Who can create a Team page?

Sporting clubs and teams

From local recreation clubs to professional sports teams, athletes can come together to raise money for charity. People love creating teams for fun runs, cycling, and swimming events!


People at work can create teams based on business area, region, or any way they choose to raise money for important causes. Colleagues like to join up and take on sleep outs, fire walks, and other group activities.

Friends and family

Groups of people can team up on any activity like board game nights, hosting local events, or doing another activity to make a difference as a team.


Check out these amazing fundraising teams

These fundraisers teamed up to raise more for charities they love.

£19,922 raised

Team Kings

Students from universities across the UK teamed up and cycled 230 miles from London to Paris in aid of Breast Cancer Now.

Check out the London to Paris fundraiser

£1,118 raised

Team Adventure Island

People from Adventure Island, Sealife Adventure, and Stockvale Catering formed teams and slept outside in Adventure Island to help raise money for Southend HARP.

See Team Adventure Island’s fundraiser

£917 raised

This girl is on Fire

Amandine, Claire, Laura and Vicky all did a firewalk to raise funds and awareness for the charity Muted.

Visit the ‘This girl is on Fire!’ fundraiser

more benefits

Team page features

Team totaliser

See the team’s fundraising total, leaderboard, and individual targets all in one place.

Personalised email journeys

Automated, personalised fundraiser emails based on each individual’s fundraising progress.

Simple reporting

Easy fundraising and donation tracking, plus attribution with custom codes.

Unlimited pages

Unlimited fundraisers can join a team, allowing for sky-high fundraising.

Top-tier security

Tier 1 PCI security compliance and SSL on all pages.

Super-scalable stability

Always-on page monitoring and stability to support viral pages.

Claim more with Gift Aid

Reclaim an extra 25% on eligible donations with JustGiving as your Gift Aid agent.

24/7 support

Round-the-clock support from our dedicated team.

Creating Team pages on JustGiving is fast and easy! Fundraisers just need to create their own individual page first, then link it up with others to create a team.

Check out the step-by-step guide here for more information.

Yes, you can see the teams connected to your charity or Campaign Page in your JustGiving fundraising page report.

Learn more about creating Team pages.

Yes, teams can choose to connect their Team page to a Campaign Page to raise money for a specific campaign.

Teams pop up directly in the leaderboard on your Campaign Page so you can see who’s performing well.

Yes, teams can choose to connect their Team page to a specific Event ID to participate in an upcoming event.

Yes, while your logo or campaign logo appear any time a new Team page is set up for your charity, teams can also personalise their page’s cover photo, story, fundraising target,  to

Yes, team captains can choose whether to have their team so anyone can join, or set it to invite-only and invite people manually.


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Raise more money by bringing fundraisers together with Team pages. Join the world’s most trusted fundraising platform today.

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