Leveraging London Marathon to save lives

Alzheimer’s Research UK raised an incredible £1.24 million total by attracting 462 runners and raising an average of £3,007 per supporter on JustGiving.

Alzheimer’s Research UK


£1.2 million

Average raised




Their goal

Knowing London Marathon is the most popular marathon in the world, Alzheimer’s Research UK encouraged fundraising through their London Marathon Charity Places and raise money toward the charity’s mission of finding a cure for dementia.


Their solution

The charity paid special attention to every aspect of their campaign, and it paid off.

They started by choosing the most passionate fundraisers, learning about them through a 1-1 phone or Zoom call, and sent a welcome email to help them start fundraising on JustGiving.

The team made even stronger connections with their new fundraising superstars by using Facebook Groups, hosting an in-person meetup, and communicating regularly through monthly emails, phone calls, and texts.

Something special the charity did to help their community understand their impact was share videos from their scientists showing their research and results in action. Finally, the charity’s team showed up on event day to give their runners that extra support to get them across the finish line.

Their success

All in all, the charity raised a massive £1.2 million from their community through their London Marathon campaign.



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Check out our conversation with Aimee Cowling and Ellie Shelford from Alzheimer’s Research UK for an in-depth look at how they succeeded with Campaign Pages.

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