Saving Mae Kam

Burm & Emily’s Elephant Sanctuary raised money with Campaign Pages to secure their elephant Mae Kam’s freedom.

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Their goal

BEES were faced with the prospect of one of their beloved elephants being returned to slavery if they could not raise the funds to secure her freedom. They wanted a way for their supporters around the world to be able to hear Mae Kam’s story and help contribute to her freedom so that she could live out her days happy and free.


Their solution

BEES launched a Campaign Page on JustGiving to raise the funds they needed to save Mae Kam and to tell her story in a visual and easily shareable way. They were able to receive donations from all over the world AND people could create their own Fundraising Pages connected to the Campaign. The charity kept their supporters updated on the Campaign’s progress through their website and Facebook page, which encouraged people to share Mae Kam’s story with their networks to gain further support.

Their success

The Campaign exceeded its target of $40,000 (AUD) within 13 days thanks to supporters from 21 countries who donated using eight different currencies on JustGiving. Mae Kam is now free to continue her life at BEES alongside her elephant friends, and all the people that donated and raised money to secure her freedom have peace of mind that she is now well looked after.


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