Strategic London Marathon leads to lots raised

Prostate Cancer Research’s small events team put into practice a few key fundraising strategies for London Marathon, resulting in a whopping £250,000 raised in 2023.

Prostate Cancer Research

Original target


Total raised


Average raised


Their goal

Prostate Cancer Research has a very small events team, but set out with a lofty £180,000 fundraising target in 2023’s London Marathon to continue their mission toward a world free from the impact of prostate cancer.


Their solution

The charity leveraged the most important fundraising best-practices on their journey to the marathon:

  • Recruiting passionate people from the start
  • Optimising their onboarding with personalised gifts, guides, and support
  • Spicing up their stewardship with a JustGiving Campaign Page, regular communication, and incentives
  • Holding an in-person training day for their excited community
  • Ensuring to support both ballot runners and charity runners
  • Segmenting their marketing activities for better engagement and connection
  • Showing up on event day to celebrate their incredible supporters!

The charity also made the most of the fact that fundraisers raise 24% more on average in London Marathon if they create their fundraising page before Christmas! They shared this important stat with their community to encourage them to get set up early.

Their success

Prostate Cancer Research ended up smashing their original £180,000 target, raising a massive £250,000 in total during their London Marathon campaign.



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Check out our conversation with Charlotte Brennan from Prostate Cancer Research for an in-depth look at how they succeeded with Campaign Pages.

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