The 10% Project

TRIBE Freedom Foundation invited people to push themselves at the Hackney Half Marathon to break their PRs and raise money in the process.

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Their goal

The goal of the TRIBE Freedom Foundation was to fight modern slavery by raising funds through a community of runners, riders, and adventurers. They aimed to challenge their community to make small changes in their training, nutrition, and lifestyle to cut 10% off their Half Marathon personal best time while raising £40,000 to support anti-slavery projects in the UK.


Their solution

TRIBE implemented the TRIBE 10% Project: Hackney Half Marathon, using an accessible challenge to increase participation. Unlike previous larger challenges, this project allowed more supporters to utilise the Hackney Half Marathon as a well-rounded challenge.

Participants were encouraged to beat their PB by 10%, tailoring the challenge to individual abilities and making it inclusive for all runners.

Their success

TRIBE’s campaign saw success in multiple aspects. They exceeded their fundraising target, raising £53,437, surpassing the initial goal of £40,000. Around 56-68% of the registered runners completed the challenge, with many participants surpassing the minimum target of £100, and the average page raising over £250. The use of a campaign page helped create momentum and engagement among the fundraisers, and various events, incentives, and rewards were provided to motivate and build enthusiasm among the participants. Additionally, the campaign page served as a platform to explain the project’s story and foster a strong team atmosphere.




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