Writing tips for social media and advertising

Create awareness for your Campaign Page through powerful messaging. This will be key
to helping your supporters understand how their donation will make a huge impact to your charity.


Why are you appealing?


Why you're appealing for donations should be at the forefront of all your messaging. Think about your word count, your audience should be able to get a good idea of what your Campaign is about in 3 seconds or less, before choosing to read on or click-through to your page.


Test your Campaign headlines


Certain headlines might resonate better with your different demographic groups of supporters. Your headline reader should immediately be able to understand what your appeal and Campaign is trying to achieve. Have you thought about testing different headlines to see which get higher engagement?

Running Top Tips

Communicate your Campaign across all your channels


Do you need to champion your Campaign by putting it at the forefront of all your communications? Have you added it to your email signatures, have you updated your Facebook page cover banner, and pinned a post with your Campaign Page web link?

Add variety to your content

Different audiences engage with information in different ways, so shake things up!

Infographics /
Impact stats


Stories of those

Shopping lists

Quotes from

Sharing your Campaign Page on social media

Think about which social media channels your target audience is likely to browse e.g. LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook.

Create urgency

Give your supporters a reason then and there to make the all important donation you need.

Optimise social timings

Your supporters are likely to donate in the morning and in the evening. So, post your social updates or send an email around this time.

Talk about it frequently

Think about how your Campaign sits across other aspects of your charity, talk about it as frequently as you can!

Ways of reaching your audience

Do you need to look beyond your existing pool of supporters?


New audiences

Reach new audiences by appealing for donations
through marketing activities; like tv, radio or make use
of Facebook adverts and paid social media.

Past supporters

Reach your supporter database by sending them an
email, a flyer or appeal in a letter, or make use of
your social media following.

Appealing to an audience that cares

You might feel that messaging everyone is the right approach to get your Campaign out there,
which it probably is - but it's definitely worthwhile thinking about your audience segments to
make sure you're not missing an opportunity for a more personalised approach.

Think about whether your Campaign's objective is to create Fundraising
Pages or to receive direct donations when targeting your audience segment.

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