Top Running Tips

Every word is important

You have 21,000 characters to let the world know why your campaign matters, so every word needs is important!careful selection. Read through your first draft and check for repetition. Keep it short, punchy, and powerful to tell your campaign’s story in the most impactful way possible. Introduce an idea, explain it, and then move on.


Use bold text, sub-headings and rich content

When people read online content, they scan for headings, keywords, and links, so make sure yours stand out.

Break down the bits you don’t want people to miss with bullet points and headers. Bold the most important sentences. Your story section supports rich content, so try embedding videos, live streams, and quoted text for added impact!

Running Top Tips

Tell a story

People care about the stories of other people. Share the story behind some of your beneficiaries in terms of your campaign. It’s the best way to turn your readers into supporters. If you can get people to engage emotionally, you’re on the path to success!

Running Top Tips

Read your story out loud

This is the easiest way to spot grammatical errors, repetition, and any bits of your story that don’t quite make sense or could be simpler!

Create a campaign page

Harness the power of the crowd and bring people together with one central hub for all of your donors and fundraisers.

Create a campaign