Every word is important


You have 1,000 characters to let the world know why your campaign matters, so every word needs careful selection. Read through your first draft and check for repetition. Introduce an idea, explain it, and then move on. 


Use bold text, sub-headings and rich content


Online, people scan for keywords and links so make sure yours stand out. Bold up the sentences you don’t want people to miss and use sub-headings or bullet points to break longer content down into manageable chunks. Our Campaign Pages now support rich content, so embed videos and use quotes for added impact.


Tell a story


It’s the best way to turn your readers into supporters. If you can get people to engage emotionally then you’re on the path to success. Draw people in by giving them something to empathise with.


Be clear and direct


Use simple language and short, punchy sentences. It will make your story much easier to read. Keep things straightforward and sincere.


Ask a question


Asking your reader a direct question can help them to connect emotionally with your campaign. Don’t be afraid to challenge them and make them think. That’s how you’ll make your campaign stick in their head.


Read it out loud


This is the easiest way to spot grammatical errors, repetition, and any bits of your story that don’t make sense.


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