Link types for Campaigns

Your Campaign Page's Link

Submit a custom URL for your Campaign webpage on Campaign Page creation

Donation deep link

Bypass your JustGiving Campaign Page and go straight into the donation flow

Fundraising page deep link

Send fundraising prospects directly to personal page creation, bypassing the main campaign page

Where do I use my Campaign Page link?

This weblink is traditionally used for promoting the appeal through your social media channels, website, and emails (either in the body or on a personal signature). You can also use the URL with third-party tools to shorten the link or create a QR code for posters or flyers. Campaign links are perfect for a general call to action that allows the recipient to choose the preferred next step (make a donation, create a page, share the campaign, etc).


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Where do I use a deep link?

These types of links allow you to bypass the main landing page and get straight into the flow of
making a gift or creating a personal fundraising page. Using deep links is ideally matched with a
clear call to action like “Make a donation now” or “Sign up for your page today.”


What is a Donation link?

The donation deep link provides a “short cut” for the donor’s journey, by-passing the main Campaign landing page and arriving on the first step of a direct donation. You can alter the link to have pre-set donation amount, add a reference identifier to it for tracking, and report on the success of the customized link through your Donation Report.

By reducing the steps and distractions, donation deep links are likely to increase conversion rates and potentially increase the average donation to your cause.

What is a Fundraising Page deep link?

An amended URL that takes a supporter directly into the Fundraising Page creation process with your charity with your pre-selected Campaign Page or Event. By reducing the steps involved in page creation, you can make yours and your fundraiser’s lives easier, which helps retain them for future campaigns.


Add a QR code

Make your fundraising mobile friendly by adding a QR code.


Your supporters can easily donate to your Campaign Page on mobile with GPay or Apple Pay. Make it even easier and add a QR code to your posters or banners for fundraising on the go.


Where can I find my QR code?