Simple set-up

Get a fuss-free, simple way to accept donations online.


0% fees

Receive every penny of every donation – including regular gifts.


100% donor data

See the donor data for all the donations you receive.


Ongoing innovation

Your donors get the best online experience and you raise more.

Receive every penny with 0% fees


Giving Checkout is completely free to use for your direct donations (including regular gifts), so every donation makes an even bigger impact.


There's no platform fees on JustGiving, and for Giving Checkout donations, we’ll cover the processing fee from a donor’s voluntary contribution if they do “tip” or absorb the cost if they don’t.


Simple and flexible ways to share


Create a simple link or use our ready-made donate button to pop on your website, emails or social media, directing donors to your Giving Checkout.


Or download a QR code to add to your direct mail, fundraising packs and collection buckets so your donors can scan and donate.


Get the complete picture with more donor data


See the name, email, address and opt-in status for everyone that donates online via your Giving Checkout implementation.


Import the data into your database and CRM to bring together all your supporter activities in one place and enhance your stewardship programmes.




"Giving Checkout is really simple to use and our donors can make a donation in just a few clicks! The 0% fee is something which really resonates with them and has driven up the donation value. We have been really impressed with the results."


Abi Betteridge, Individual Giving Manager, RAF Museum


Test. Optimise. Raise more. Repeat.


Our dedicated tech team is constantly analysing the behaviour of thousands of donors giving online to good causes on JustGiving, so we can improve Giving Checkout for all charities.


We're constantly testing and learning so you raise more money.

Secure, trusted, well-known


JustGiving is a name trusted by 24 million donors worldwide, so it's very likely your supporters already have an account with us, making it the easiest and quickest way for them to donate online.


We're also an Approved Payment Institution (API), regulated by The FCA, so your donations are protected by the highest financial industry standards.


All in one place


Already using us for your event fundraising? Your Giving Checkout donations will simply be added to your existing weekly payments from us (and appear in your JustGiving reports).


No new supplier approvals needed!

Established and innovative payment methods


Your questions answered

What does it cost?


Giving Checkout is completely free to use for your direct donations (including regular gifts). We’ll cover the processing fee from a donor’s voluntary contribution if they do “tip” or absorb the cost if they don’t, saving you money on every donation.

What data do we get?


If your charity is on our GROW plan, all your Giving Checkout donations will appear in your JustGiving reports, along with their name, email, address and opt-in status to comply with GDPR. On our free START plan? Find out how to upgrade.

Can we customise it?


Yes, there are a few options, including setting a default donation amount, showing a preferred payment method or choosing a post donation web address for thanking. And your charity logo on JustGiving will appear by default.

What are the payment types?


We accept donations in five currencies via all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Pay with Bank Transfer. And as an HMRC approved Gift agent we can boost all eligible donations by 25% (a 5% fee applies for this service).

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