How much does this cost?

Giving Checkout is free! And its already sitting in your JustGiving charity account, ready to use.

There are no transaction fees (even on regular gifts), so your charity gets 100% of every donation. We do offer your supporters the option to 'tip' JustGiving, but it's not compulsory. Regardless of the donor's decision, your charity will receive 100% of each donation.

How does it fit into our fundraising strategy?

Here's how Giving Checkout works alongside our other features:


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What admin is required?

Giving Checkout forms take about 5 minutes to customise in your JustGiving Charity account. From there, you can start using your Giving Checkout links, buttons and QR codes wherever you’d like.


Who can set it up?

Giving Checkout forms take about 5 minutes to customise in your JustGiving Charity account. From there, you can start using your Giving Checkout links, buttons and QR codes wherever you'd like.

Anyone with access to your JustGiving charity account can create Giving Checkout links. Adding Giving Checkout to your website is easy.

What about the donor data?

You can access reports about each donation made through Giving Checkout regardless of which JustGiving membership plan you’re on.

Data points include the name, surname, email, postal address and GDPR consent.*

*depending on payment method and availability of JustGiving account, billing or Gift Aid information. In some cases, you may also receive the donor’s town and county/state. If you would like to see reporting for Events, your JustGiving charity homepage, Campaign Pages and Fundraising Pages, you will need to upgrade to our Grow Plan.

What if we have questions?

For questions about Giving Checkout or our other donation tools, email our Customer Success Team

For technical support, contact our Support Team

Success Stories

Find out how other charities are customising, implementing and optimising Giving Checkout.

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Cancer Research UK's Programme Manager for Giving Platforms, Sam Doolan, and Senior Manager, Imogen Willdigg take us through the success they've seen using Giving Checkout in corporate partnerships and QR codes, and how they plan to use it to easily accept international payments on their own platform in the future.


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