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Their goal

The RNLI created the denial challenge H2Only with the aim of increasing fundraising and to engage with a new and younger audience. To meet the demands of this tech-savvy age group, they wanted the whole experience of the campaign to feel slick and easy to use on mobile devices.

Their solution

The RNLI used JustGiving’s Page Creation API in the H2Only mobile app so that people could sign up for the campaign and make a Fundraising Page in one simple step. They could create teams, share updates and keep track of their donations all in one place. The charity also created badges to reward people when they completed challenges and hit their fundraising targets.


Their success

The H2Only app was downloaded over 8,000 times and 1,196 fundraisers took part, raising over £140,000 for the charity.

“With the Page Creation API we were able to create a completely branded and seamless experience for our H2Only campaign. People could register for the campaign and start fundraising in one simple step.”


Martin Wilson, RNLI Innovation Project Manager


Products used

Fundraising Pages and the Page Creation API



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