Campaign Page photography tips

Choose the best images for your Campaign Page.

The perfect photo

Be authentic

Avoid reaching straight for the stock images – people connect more with real photos. Grab your digital camera (or even your smartphone) and get snapping!

Tell a story

Use your images to tell people more about your campaign. People like people: if you’re raising funds for new equipment, show the people who’ll benefit from it!

Make sure they’re in focus

Make sure the images are as clear as they can be. Zoom in on the photo and check that you’re happy with it.

Take lots of photos

Just when you think you have enough, shoot some more! You’ll then have plenty to choose from for your story.

Keep it simple

Focus on one or two elements. Try not to cram everything into one image to help fundraisers see the important stuff.

Take landscape photos

Campaign Pages showcase your photos best when you take them in landscape orientation, rather than portrait – that way, your image will fill the space and nothing will be cropped out accidentally.


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