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Kilimanjaro Climb for Sarah Groves - August 2014

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On April the 6th in 2013, Sarah Groves was tragically murdered in Kashmir. The devastation that this news left behind is incomprehensible and indescribable. But due to Sarah's insatiable love of life, together with her desire to make a change in the world, and her determination to help as many people as she could The Sarah Groves Foundation was set up. This Fund will focus on Sarah's inspirations, which came from art, children, adventure and fitness.It has full Trust status and is administered by the Guernsey Community Foundation

This Foundation will continue Sarah's legacy, which is all about love, helping others, and achieving your dreams. To read more about the fund, and to see where the money will be spent, please read below. 

 Sarah climbed Kilimanjaro in 2012, and fundraised over £3000 for her chosen charity. Many of the people in this team are Sarah's family and friends, who have joined together to fundraise, and also to retrace Sarah's footsteps up Kilimanjaro in what will be an incredibly emotional journey. Any donations will be warmly welcomed, and we thank you for all your kindness and support.

You'll see our team fundraising target is at £98000. Your donation can really help us reach this goal! Please show your support to this fantastic cause, and to the people who will be working so hard to meet their targets! There is a justgiving page for team donations as well, have a look below - if you would like to donate to the team as a whole instead of an individual, here is the link:

Each person in this team has a target to fundraise £2800 each in one year. Each person will also be paying money towards their flights and accomodation, and then some of the money fundraised will go towards paying for the rest of the flight and accomodation for this expedition. But well over 50% of the money raised will go to the fund, which means that as a team we aim to raise a minimum of £50,000 (£70,000 including gift aid!) profit for this incredible cause!

To find out more about the Sarah Groves Foundation, please read below.

Sarah's inspirations in life came from children, art, fitness and adventure and a Memorial Fund has been established in Guernsey to support these four things.  It has full Trust status and is administered by the Guernsey Community Foundation


Funds allocated to Children will provide facilities, experiences and opportunities to young persons under the age of 16 that would otherwise be out of their reach financially or from an organisational perspective.  In many cases participants will come from deprived backgrounds both locally and overseas. Funds allocated to Art will provide educational experiences, opportunities and equipment to young persons under the age of 21 that would otherwise be out of their reach financially or organisationally. 20% of funds available within this category go towards an art bursary at Sarah’s school in Ascot where she spent 7 very happy years and where they still have very fond memories of her. Income will be generated by Adventure and Fitness (for example, people running marathons or going on expeditions).


This Foundation represents Sarah and her inspirational philosophy of life

Remember: Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving - they'll never share them with anyone or send you unwanted emails. Once you donate, they'll send your money directly to the charity. They'll make sure Gift Aid (an additional 25%) is reclaimed on every eligible donation by a UK taxpayer, too. That means more money goes to the charity, faster, with JustGiving.


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Raised: 91%

Team target: £90,000.00

Raised so far: £81,963.80

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Member photo Name Fundraising progress Raised so far
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Annabel Westgarth

Annabel's page

89 donations



Fundraiser icon

Anne Groves

Anne is taking the challenge of trekking Kilimanjaro in memory of Sarah Groves

8 donations



Fundraiser icon

Caterina Nitch-Smith

Cat's climbing Mt. Kili!!

35 donations



Fundraiser icon

Christina Darmanin

Chrissie climbs Mount Kilimanjaro for Sarah, always bestest friends, a leader of light and my soul sister forever!

26 donations



Fundraiser icon

Danny Lloyd

Walk in the footprints of an angel

31 donations



Fundraiser icon

Elina Gabranova

Elina's adventure with helping children in memory of Sarah!

5 donations



Fundraiser icon

Fabiana Harrington

Fab's climbs Kilimanjaro again in memory of Sarah

59 donations



Fundraiser icon

Gemma Gourdie

Gemma's page

78 donations



Fundraiser icon

Gerardo Cetta

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for Sarah Groves

22 donations



Fundraiser icon

Jane Smedley

Jane's page

86 donations



Fundraiser icon

Jonny Tutill

Jonny's page... Kili for Sarah

36 donations



Fundraiser icon

Julian Coles

Holy Moly! I've signed up to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in August to fundraise for The Sarah Groves Foundation!

94 donations



Fundraiser icon

Katie Gallez

Katie's page

32 donations



Fundraiser icon

Kellie Le Prevost


52 donations



Fundraiser icon

Kiara De Carteret

Ki climbs Kili for Sarah Groves

26 donations



Fundraiser icon

Laura Mathews-Graves

Laura climbs Kilimanjaro for Sarah Groves

68 donations



Fundraiser icon

laura staples

Laura's climbing Kili..... In memory of Sarah Groves!! X

62 donations



Fundraiser icon

Leon Howard

Leon climbs Kilimanjaro for Sarah Groves

47 donations



Fundraiser icon

Letitia Le Moignan

Letty is climbing Mt Kili for Sarah Groves :)

32 donations



Fundraiser icon

Louisa McPhee

Louisa is climbing Kilimanjaro

39 donations



Fundraiser icon

Louisa McPhee

Guildford2Brighton Marathon Walk 2014 page

47 donations



Fundraiser icon

Lucy Dennis

Lucy D climbs Kilimanjaro for Sarah Groves

60 donations



Fundraiser icon

Lucy Drummond Brady

DB is climbing Kili for the Sarah Groves Foundation (administered by Guernsey Community Foundation)

44 donations



Fundraiser icon

Olivia Taylor

Olivia's page

11 donations



Fundraiser icon

Rachael Tracy

Rachael is conquering Mount Kilimanjaro in memory of the beautiful Sarah Groves

52 donations



Fundraiser icon

Sabrina Dallot-Seguro

Sabrina's page

11 donations



Fundraiser icon

Sarah Poruks

Sarahs climbs Kilimanjaro for Sarah Groves

13 donations



Fundraiser icon

sarahgroveskilimanjaro team

TEAM SPONSORSHIP page. Kilimanjaro climb for The Sarah Groves Foundation

17 donations



Fundraiser icon

Simon Groves

Simon 'attempts' to trek Kilimanjaro in memory of his Sister, Sarah Groves

44 donations



Fundraiser icon

Sophie McPhee

Sophie's climbing Kili!! :)

31 donations



Fundraiser icon

Sophie Nielsen

Sophie's page

71 donations



Fundraiser icon

Stuart Ogier

Stuart and friends climb Kilimanjaro for Sarah Groves

29 donations



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