Raise Money in Memory

We understand how difficult it can be after losing a loved one.

We’re here to help you with things like funeral costs, starting a memorial or supporting a family during this time.

Funeral costs

Funeral costs can be expensive and put strain on families, especially whilst grieving for a loved one. Starting a crowdfunding page is like creating a communal pot to raise money for a funeral.

In memory

Instead of receiving flowers, you can set up a crowdfunding page for people to donate to a cause close to their heart or towards a memorial bench or plaque. You could crowdfund to set up a charity in memory of a loved one.

Support loved ones

After losing a loved one, people can often find themselves in financial difficulty during what is already a tough time. Collect donations with a crowdfunding page for a bereaved family who are struggling financially.

You can fundraise in memory of a loved one by taking part in an event or asking for donations to a cause.

  • Create your page in minutes
  • Donations go directly to your chosen charity
  • Get Gift Aid on your donations

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Crowdfund to raise money for funeral costs, to support loved ones or in memory of someone special.

  • Create your page in minutes
  • Donations go directly to your bank account
  • 6-10 working days

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