Legal Bases

Under applicable data protection law, JustGiving can process your personal data if such use is justified by one of six legal bases: with your explicit consent, or if it is necessary for the performance of a contract, to comply with a legal obligation, to protect a person’s vital interests, for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of controller’s official authority or for legitimate interests of the controller. The UK Information Commissioner’s Office offers more detail on the six legal bases for lawful processing.

JustGiving justifies the following processing activities on the bases listed below:


  • Sending promotional emails about our tools, products and services
  • Linking your JustGiving and Facebook accounts
  • Sharing your data with charities to which you donate
  • Showing you browser notifications

Performance of a Contract (aka performing services you request):

When you request that we perform certain functions for you, these activities require that we process your personal details, or else we can’t perform the function you’re requesting. The functions you can request from us are to:

  • Sign up as a user
  • Sign up as a charity
  • Log in with a Paypal account
  • Upload a profile image, Facebook profile image, uploading images on a page
  • Earn and share badges when you fundraise
  • Create a Fundraising, Crowdfunding or Campaign Page
  • Set up a direct debit or recurring payment
  • Donate to a Fundraising Page
  • Create a Crowdfunding or Fundraising Page update message
  • Create a comment on a feed
  • Share a Fundraising or Crowdfunding Page to Facebook, to Twitter or by email
  • Share a badge to Facebook or Twitter
  • Share that you’ve made a donation to the platform, to Facebook, to Twitter or by email
  • Share an update on your page
  • Create a Team Page
  • Join a team
  • Create a Company Page
  • Join a Company Page
  • Share your page creation with your giving network
  • Connect your Fundraising Page to your Twitch account using StreamRaiser™ and show certain donation data through overlays on your stream

Legitimate Interests:

  • Internal Reporting and Analysis to improve JustGiving
  • Automated decision making
  • Marketing to other organisations
  • Sending you emails about pages you create or donations you make
  • Sending you emails about Charity Places you’re interested in or would like to apply for
  • Sending you email notifications of important issues with the platform
  • Sending you user experience surveys
  • Sharing fundraiser data with the charities on whose behalf you create fundraising pages
  • Sharing donor data with the individuals who created the fundraising pages to which you donated
  • Sharing donor data when you make a direct donation to a charity
  • Sharing data with affiliated entities and sponsors of events, campaigns, fundraising initiatives, promotions or sweepstakes for which you create a Fundraising Page, donate to, register for, enter or otherwise participate in
  • Promotional materials about our tools, products and services by post or through targeted advertisements we place on our or others’ websites

Legal Obligation:

  • Gift Aid authorisation
  • Sending you email receipts for your donation
  • Know Your Customer validation
  • Claiming Gift Aid on a donation
  • Checking fraud on an individual donation
  • Checking the identity of an individual crowdfunder