Blackbaud Giving Fund  Terms of Service

JustGiving from Blackbaud partners with The Blackbaud Giving Fund, a Section 501(c)(3) public charity and the sponsoring organization of a donor advised fund, to effectuate your charitable giving. When you make a donation using JustGiving from Blackbaud, you are making a donation to The Blackbaud Giving Fund with an accompanying advisement that The Blackbaud Giving Fund make a corresponding grant to the charity you designate in the amount of your donation. Therefore, your donation receipt will be issued by The Blackbaud Giving Fund.

You acknowledge that any grants made by The Blackbaud Giving Fund will be made in accordance with the Donor Terms of Service and The Blackbaud Giving Fund’s policies. Pursuant to such policies, The Blackbaud Giving Fund will make a grant in the amount of your donation to the charity you have identified.  However, you understand and acknowledge that The Blackbaud Giving Fund, as required by laws applicable to donor advised funds, retains exclusive legal control over all donations and may redirect funds to another qualifying charitable organization if it is unable to follow your recipient charity advisement or prohibited by law from doing so.

By making such a recommendation, you certify that, to your knowledge, your donation, once delivered to the charity you designate in the form of a grant, will not be used by such charity to confer a personal or more than incidental benefit on you, any member of your family, or any entity affiliated with or controlled by you. You also certify that no such donation is intended to (i) to permit participation in an event (such as a dinner, gala, raffle, or auction), (ii) to pay for goods or services received by you, your family member(s) or any other person (such as membership fees, tuition, tickets for events, goods from a charitable auction or other goods and services) or (iii) to support a political campaign or lobbying activity. You should be aware that IRS penalties may apply if you recommend a grant that results in such impermissible benefits.