Celebrate the life of a loved one by raising money in their memory


It's easy on JustGiving:

  • You can make a page in a few minutes, and add your own photos and story.
  • It’s quick and secure for people to donate and leave messages.
  • We automatically transfer the donations to your charity, adding 25% Gift Aid (when eligible).

Make an In Memory page

There are three ways your page can help you remember a loved one:

In Memory fundraising page
  1. Collect donations instead of funeral flowers. All you need to do is share the page’s web address with those who might like to donate. They can donate from anywhere in the world.
  2. Take part in a fundraising event, like a 10km run, and your fundraising page will automatically link to the tribute.
  3. Collect donations and new messages indefinitely. Your page will stay open for as long as you like – so you, friends and family can add donations and messages for years to come.

Make a page in loving memory of someone you care about


"This has been a wonderful way to celebrate our young granddaughter’s life. The whole system is so easy, even for my non-computer-literate old friends."

- Eileen, fundraising in memory of her granddaughter



A few facts

  • Almost 90,000 people have made JustGiving pages in loving memory of people they care about.
  • More than £27 million was raised on JustGiving in memory of loved ones in 2012.
  • Donating to charity has overtaken giving flowers as a mark of respect at funerals.