How our fees work - and what we do for it

Charities pay a 5% fee on donations and in return we help them raise more money, more efficiently. By leaving the costly and time-consuming stuff to us, they can spend more time, energy and money on doing good.

Here's what we're busy doing for our 5% fee

  • Running, monitoring 24/7 and constantly improving JustGiving's technology so it can handle high levels of traffic while meeting the latest security and banking standards.
  • Constantly creating new fundraising tools and services for charities, at no extra cost.
  • Providing dedicated customer service for charities and their supporters, giving prompt and expert advice.
  • Giving charities full access to their data, helping them track and analyse their fundraising success.
  • Providing free support to charities (especially the small ones) on how to raise even more online.
  • Giving you a clean, junk-free experience. We'll never spam you, sell you anything or pass your personal details on to a third party. Ever.

Here’s how we charge our 5% fee

  1. You donate $20.00.
  2. We take our 5% fee from the donation, with credit/debit card charges.
  3. We send all the rest to your charity.
Your donation $20.00
Our 5% fee $1.00
Card-processing fee @ 2.95% $0.59
Total cost to charity $1.59
Total donation $18.41