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Every child deserves to grow up happy and healthy with access to proper education and healthcare. Whether you’re looking to support a children’s charity or your local youth club – we’ll help you make it happen on JustGiving.

Start fundraising now for a charity changing children’s lives. Take part in an event or do your own thing.


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Raise money to support your local youth club or provide food parcels for children and families in need.


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Fundraisers we love!

Dress-up fun

From Freddie Mercury to Gretta Thunberg, Pearl dressed up every day until she went back to school to raise money for children less fortunate than her.

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Just Jump Project

By taking jump ropes into schools, youth clubs and after school clubs, children can develop so many important life skills.

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Bromley Brighter Beginnings provided the children they support, who receive free school meals, with a supermarket voucher of £15 each to get them through the half-term.

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