Manny Kang

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This life-long Wolverhampton Wanderers supporter has raised hundreds of thousands for Dementia UK.

Running and cycling for hundreds of miles, organising sleepouts, raffling signed football shirts and selling thousands of samosas as part of his infamous ‘Samosa Saturday’s’.  

We chatted with Manny about his fundraising experiences. Here’s what he had to say:


Q: What inspired you to start fundraising?

“I’m human, I have a roof, food, and health. Others do not. It’s not a choice to help, for me, it’s my duty.”

Q: What does your cause mean to you?

“My parents don’t have dementia, but 1 million people do. It’s the most heartbreaking condition…they need our help and we can help.”

Q: How did it feel when you completed your challenge?

“I felt overwhelmed with the love and support but I also felt honoured to be using this life for its intended purpose.”

Q: What difference are your donations making/How does it feel to see the difference your donations are making?

“Only a few years ago, Dementia UK had 2 nurses – they now have 417. But we won’t stop now. To know that people won’t be alone when facing dementia is an incredible comfort to me.”

Q: Do you have any more fundraising plans for this year?

“More Samosa Saturdays, the London Marathon again, and maybe another huge walk!”

Q: Do you have any advice for people wanting to start fundraising?

“Let your energy out, smile at every step, and ask others to join in with your journey.”


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