Meet Runna

Our official training platform

Runna is our official training platform of choice, they offer bespoke training plans, world-class coaching and an in-app community to help you achieve your goals. Try Runna for free here.

Use our exclusive code JustGiving to get the first two weeks of your personalised plan free.
Plus, to celebrate our new partnership, Runna is also offering a £10 donation to your fundraising page, just share your page URL when you sign up.

Download the app here

Runna has created training plans from 5km to marathons, to support both beginners and advanced runners. Pick your training plan below to help keep your training on track.

5K Training Plans

10K Training Plans

Half Marathon Training Plans

Marathon Training Plans

Why you should use a training plan

Millions of runners each with different levels of skill take part in running events every year. Even the most experienced runners find that they need to stick to a training plan and it’s a great way to help keep your training on track!

Taking part in an event can seem like a daunting prospect to those new to running, but by sticking to an effective plan you’ll be able to make gradual progression until you reach your race distance! A plan will also help to reduce the risk of injury and help to keep your training exciting – you’ll be doing different types of workouts including interval training, cross-training, speed workouts and shorter distances too.

When you’ve decided on a training guide, click here to download tasty recipes to help fuel your body.