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JustGiving community raises $4bn for good causes around the world

6th June 2016

JustGiving has surpassed the milestone of $4 billion raised for good causes around the world, $2 billion of which has been raised in the last two years.

JustGiving was launched by co-founders, Zarine Kharas and Anne-Marie Huby in February 2001 to make charitable giving easier and more effective through the power of digital technology. Through its commitment to investment and innovation in the platform it has continued to transform the way people give to good causes.

Most recently it has used its unique understanding of people’s giving behaviour to enhance the personalisation of its service so that people can not only donate to friends on JustGiving, but discover further opportunities to support people and charities in aid of the causes they care about.

In 2015 it extended its market-leading fundraising platform to include a crowdfunding tool which has since enabled 43,000 people to raise money for friends, family members and personal causes directly. More than 26 million people have now given, fundraised and crowdfunded for good causes on JustGiving:

• Stephen Sutton captured hearts around the world and raised millions resulting in the creation of children’s cancer units across the UK:;

• Donors and fundraisers helped to reopen Manchester Dogs Home after it was burnt down:;

• In the twelve months from June 2015, more than 4,000 people have fundraised and crowdfunded, raising over $8.5 million to support refugees around the world.

Zarine Kharas, co-founder and chief executive of JustGiving, said: “In 2001, Anne-Marie and I set out to build a sustainable business that was mission-led and had social values at its core. JustGiving has been investing and innovating on behalf of good causes ever since and we’re both enormously proud of its achievements in connecting people to the causes they care about. None of it would have been possible without the trust of our charity partners, the 26 million people who have given through JustGiving over the years and the hard work of the team at JustGiving.”

Anne-Marie Huby, co-founder and managing director of JustGiving, said: “It has been a humbling and inspiring fifteen years, and we’ve only just started. Having enabled $4 billion in giving during that time, JustGiving will continue with its commitment to use the best the web has to offer to help great causes reach more people, and raise more money, than anywhere else.”

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About JustGiving

JustGiving is the world’s most trusted platform for online giving. We help people raise money for the charities and people they care about the most. In 2000, began with one simple goal – to enable charities to receive donations online from anywhere in the world. Fast forward 22 years and over £5 billion has been raised for good causes in almost every single country in the world.