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The Cator Troops Run Four Half Marathons in Four Continents!

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Join The Cator Troops as we run four half marathons in four continents to raise money for Cancer Research UK and the UK Stem Cell Foundation and help Dad on his road to recovery!

What started as the ambitious challenge of running The Bath Half in support of Cancer Research UK has spiraled with the energy from an almost overwhelming amount of support from friends and family around the world; The 1st of March 2015 will now see an international relay of over 48 miles covered in Bath, Hong Kong, Vancouver Island and Sydney for the cause.

As many of you know Dad was diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma in August. We have since found out that it is an aggressive form of Blastoid Mantle Cell Lymphoma - as Dad has it, "the Norfolk way of saying blasted!" He is now looking at having a bone marrow transplant next year, and various other evil sounding drugs to help him keep it under control. This is a very rare form of cancer and therefore requires continual research is being continually done to develop new and more effective treatment. Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research and is a fundamental support for schemes pushing innovation and tackling scientific challenges, in cancer research. For this reason we decided to run a family Half Marathon and as the Cator's and close family seem to be spread all the way around the world we have embarked on a mission to run FOUR half Marathons in FOUR different continents.

Join The Cator Troops to make the 1st March 2015 a day to remember, and an event that will make a huge impact on a charity helping not just our Dad but the 400 people diagnosed with cancer in the UK every day.

Kicking off our global marathon relay will be Oscar and the Aussie Cator’s charging over the (delightfully named) Athletes Foot Half Marathon near Sydney, Rosanna and the Hong Kong team will then take the baton over the hills of Hong Kong, passing it on to the burgeoning UK team in Bath, with cousin Annabel and her squad covering the last half in Vancouver Island, Canada.

The aim of the game is to get as many willing runners to run with our Cator Troops, and you have plenty of options to choose from! Whatever you do, be it run / walk / skip / waddle in a dinosaur outfit over the line, we will be thrilled to have your support. Mum has made it very clear that she will be running for her own personal best and will not allow anyone to judge her for walking!! If you can't make it please donate instead, RIGHT HERE!

With love and thanks from Cator’s one and all xxx

To put your name on the dotted line, sign up with:

(regular entry is now closed, please ring 0300 123 5461 to get a ticket from Cancer Research UK who have their own stash, they require a commitment to raise £300)




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Team target: £59,100.00

Raised so far: £120,503.86

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Jessica Campbell

The Cator Troops Run Four Half Marathons in Four Continents! - Cancer Research UK

511 donations



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Eleanor Cator

The Bath Runners - The UK Stem Cell Foundation

128 donations



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Timothy Adams

Adams family join Cators running 4 Half Marathons in 4 Continents on 1 day!

111 donations



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virginia temple-richards

Charlie Virginia and Alec's Bath Half Marathon 2015 page

72 donations



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Tom Campbell

Tom & Nick's Bath Half Marathon 2015 page

57 donations



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Tommy Soames

Tommy's Bath Half Marathon 2015 page

54 donations



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Oscar Cator

Reedside Cator Half Marathon Page

46 donations



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Bertram Weatherall

Bert's Hong Kong half marathon attempt for the Cator Cause

44 donations



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BC Sheldon

Bridie Bath Half Marathon 2015 page

43 donations



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Dominic Milburn

Dom's Vitality Bath Half Marathon 2015 page

41 donations



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Matilda Woodford

Matilda's Bath Half Marathon 2015 page

41 donations



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tim sheldon

Tim Sheldon Bath Half Marathon 2015 page

31 donations



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Emily Lees-Millais

Sophie and Emily Lees-Millais' Bath Half Marathon 2015 page

26 donations



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Will Russell

Will supports the Cator Troops in the 2015 Bath Half Marathon

25 donations



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Edward Burrows

Ed & Lu Run the Bath Half Marathon 2015 for Cancer Research UK

25 donations



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Scarlett Clark

Scarlett's Bath Half Marathon 2015 page

24 donations



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annabel howard

Annabel's Vancouver Island Half Marathon

23 donations



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Toby Mounsey-Heysham

Bath Half - for Charlie Cator

19 donations



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Daisy Agnew

Daisy's Vitality Bath Half Marathon 2015 page

18 donations



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Elizabeth Turnor

Bis's Bath Half Marathon 2015 page

17 donations



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Katie Hudson

Katie joins the Cator Troops in the Bath Half Marathon 2015

15 donations



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Sam Winders

Sam's Bath Half Marathon 2015 page

13 donations



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Benjamin Cator Cator

Ben's Bath Half Marathon 2015 page

12 donations



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Lucy Copeland

Lucy's Bath Half Marathon 2015 page

11 donations



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James Hubbard

James's Bath Half Marathon 2015

11 donations



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Harry Bromley-Davenport

Harry's Bath Half Marathon 2015 page

11 donations



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Angus Cameron

Angus's Vitality Bath Half Marathon 2015 page

10 donations



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Helen Wyatt

Helen's Last Minute Bath Half Marathon

10 donations



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Dominic Innes

Dominic's Bath Half Marathon 2015 page

9 donations



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Richard Innes

Richard's Bath Half Marathon 2015 page

7 donations



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Lizzie Shannon

Lizzie Shannon's Bath Half Marathon 2015 page

7 donations



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Isabella Falcon

Izzy's Bath Half Marathon 2015 page

6 donations



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