Ever wanted to know the difference between fundraising and crowdfunding? With JustGiving, you can do both, so let us explain how they both work:


Crowdfunding is a way for individuals or communities to raise money to make good things happen for a personal cause



  • Create your page in minutes
  • Donations go directly to your bank account
  • 6-10 working days

Crowdfunding allows individuals and communities to raise money quickly and securely. The money they raise can be withdrawn to their verified, personal bank account allowing them to make good things happen. 


People create Crowdfunding Pages for a variety of different reasons, including paying for medical expenses, funeral costs, emergencies, or to fund a local sports team or community project.



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Fundraising is a way for individuals or teams to raise money for a registered charity, or on behalf of a charity campaign. 



  • Create your page in minutes
  • Donations go directly to your chosen charity
  • Get Gift Aid on your donations


People create JustGiving pages to raise money for charity. You can raise money for any registered charity, in any country. Often they'll take part in events like marathons or cycle rides, but sometimes they just want to raise money to help a cause they care about.


Fundraising pages in the UK are eligible for Gift Aid. That means that UK charities can reclaim an additional 25% on every donation they get.


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