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Ten top tips

Here are our top tips to help you become a superstar crowdfunder!

Top ten tips


Social media tips

Share your page, everywhere! Here’s some tips for making your page seen on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more…

Social media tips

How to write the perfect story

These tips will help you tell your story in the best way possible.

Story writing tips

Other ways to reach your target

Struggling to hit your target? Need some creative ways to help boost your fundraising?
Here are some ways you can encourage people to donate.

Tips to boost your fundraising

Crowdfunding safety tips

We’ve put together some tips to answer your questions about safety and security when crowdfunding with us.

JustGiving safety tips

Our crowdfunding top tips


Our crowdfunding tips will help you reach more people and raise more money.

Set a target

Choose a realistic target to work towards. Having a target motivates people to help you reach it. You can change this at any time.

Get sharing

Get your JustGiving page out there by sharing it on social media and with friends and family on WhatsApp. Check out our sharing tips

Don’t forget about email

Social posts can easily get lost, email is way more personal. Remember to send an email to your colleagues too.

Say thanks

Thank your supporters and turn them in to true supporters by showing them how their donation has made a difference.

Keep it updated

Post regular progress updates to keep your supporters engaged. It may inspire them to share your page or donate again!


Create a poster to put up in your local area. Add a QR code to direct people straight to your JustGiving page.

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