Man's best friend and trusted companions. If you're a dog lover, you can show your support by donating to or fundraising for a charity that helps look after dogs, or trains them to assist disabled or vulnerable people.

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Fundraise for a charity that’s helping to rescue and rehabilitate dogs or to train much-needed assistance dogs.


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  • Donations go directly to your chosen charity
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Crowdfund to raise money for veterinary bills or to support your local dog shelter.


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  • Donations go directly to your bank account
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Fundraisers we love!


Reggie's pacemaker

Jasmine is fundraising to get Reggie fitted with a pacemaker.



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Dog Show Online

This fundraiser held an online dog show to raise money for Wood Green The Animals Charity


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Re-home ex-breeding dogs

£825 was raised in memory of Brian for Many Tears Animal Rescue



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Dogs Trust

"We run 21 rehoming centres to save over 16,000 abandoned dogs annually "


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Dogs' Friends

"We Rescue, foster and re-home dogs to find them happy, loving homes"


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Guide Dogs

"We breed and train guide dogs to give blind people freedom and mobility "


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"We rescue, reunite and rehome dogs and cats to care for them until new homes are found"


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Hearing Dogs For Deaf People

"We train amazing hearing dogs to transform the lives of deaf people"


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Support Dogs Ltd

"We train specialist assistance dogs to combat autism, epilepsy and disability"


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