Charity of the Year Checklist

Your mission is more than life-changing.
It can be award-winning too.


The 2023 GoCardless JustGiving Awards are on the horizon! And if you want to become a finalist for the prestigious Charity of the Year Award, you’re in the right place.

This page is for those that want to greatly increase their chances. For those that want to become a finalist. For those that want to win!

For the best chance of being shortlisted, follow our top tips to craft an outstanding entry that sets you apart.

Your impact

We want to know specifics about the impact you made with your fundraising. This is a direct testimonial to the progress you made toward your mission this past year. What were you aiming to achieve, and what was the outcome?

What to include:

  • The outcome you achieved vs your original fundraising target
  • Specifics about what you were able to do with the money raised

Your tech

We want to know the specific tech and JustGiving features you used to make your initiative happen this past year. Tell us what helped bring your campaign to life.

What to include:

  • You raised money with JustGiving campaign pages and fundraising pages
  • You let supporters track their fitness progress with Strava or Fitbit
  • You got donations by using QR codes at an in-person event
  • You activated Giving Checkout and received fee-free donations
  • You customised your own fundraising website with Site Builder

Your supporter experience

We want to know how you put supporters at the heart of your fundraising. Did you use email marketing, or go viral on Instagram? Tell us how you engaged your community, and what you learned along the way.

What to include:

  • How your team considered your supporters’ needs and interests
  • Specific ways your charity engaged fundraisers and donors
  • How you used insights and data to create the best experience

“Since 2005, we’ve saved over 874,000 hens from slaughter. To be named Charity of the Year is a testament to that hard work and the successes achieved by our staff, volunteers, and supporters. It was simply phenomenal to be recognised.”

The British Hen Welfare Trust

Charity of the Year 2018

“The recognition really helps drive awareness of our charity and our mission to defeat brain tumours. We would like to dedicate this award to our awesome and utterly amazing community and supporters.”

The Brain Tumour Charity

Charity of the Year 2022

More information

What are the JustGiving Awards?

The JustGiving Awards recognise the people who go above and beyond to raise money for your charity. It’s a celebration of what humans can do when inspired by love; driven by loss; or powered by nothing other than good old human solidarity and the innate desire to leave this world just a little better than it was than when we found it.

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What are the prizes?

Here’s what you’ll walk away with if you win Charity of the Year.

  • The prestigious Charity of the Year Award trophy
  • A free one-year JustGiving membership
  • £1,000 donated to your charity
  • An exclusive charity marketing package
  • A lifetime of recognition and celebration

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What can we expect?

The JustGiving Awards ceremony is the most inspiring night of the year. Get ready for a night of inspiration, celebrity guests, and tear-jerking speeches…all to celebrate some of the most inspiring humans ever.

See some of what to expect at the JustGiving Awards.

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“What makes a Charity of the Year Award winner?”

Well, we look for stand-out charities that can demonstrate examples of creativity and innovation, have made the most of digital fundraising tools on JustGiving, and given their supporters the best experience. And we want to see impact at the heart of it all!

Sophie Greig
Head of Brand, JustGiving