Privacy Policy V40

JustGiving’s collection and use of your data is explained in our Privacy Policy (“JustGiving Privacy Policy”), which gives full details of how we collect and use personal information across the services provided to you. This Data Privacy Notice contains some unique provisions for how we use your information when you make a direct donation to a charity. For more information about where we collect personal information about you see our full Privacy Policy.


What Data Do We Collect?

We don’t receive any personal data about you other than what you provide us when you make a direct donation to a charity.


When you make a donation: To enable us to process donations, we will collect basic payment information as well as your name, home address and email address. Your name and the amount you’ve donated will display on the public page, unless you select the “Hide my name and photo from public view” option when you donate. As well as hiding your details from the public when you donate, you can also change the display name to something else, such as a nickname or your initials.


When you create a JustGiving account: We will collect basic contact information about you to set up your account you so you can make donations or raise funds. This will include your name, address, and email address. We will also ask you to register a username and password so you can gain secure access to your account in the future.


Alternatively, you may authorise us to collect your basic personal details from a secure online source (e.g., Google, Facebook, PayPal, or a sponsor charity) to which you have already provided this information.


We enable you to set an image for your JustGiving profile and this image is shown as a thumbnail next to all your actions on the platform unless you have chosen to hide your name and photo from the public when you donate. Please note that this image is dynamic and not frozen in time—e.g., if you change your image in 2018, the new image will appear next to your activities from 2015.


When you sign in to JustGiving using your Facebook account: If you choose to login via Facebook, we will obtain access to your Facebook public profile information and email address. We will use this information to allow you to login and populate our records about you. If you give us permission (via Facebook’s preference settings), we may also obtain access to your friend list, but we only receive the names of your friends who are also JustGiving users. We will only use this to see if people on your friends list are also using our website and as set out in How we use personal information. You can control whether Facebook shares this data with us, either by changing your preferences when you first login to JustGiving with your Facebook account or by visiting the app setting controls on Facebook’s platform.


You can find out more about the data we collect in our full Privacy Policy.


How Do We Use Your Data?


JustGiving uses your personal data to provide the services you request, to personalise your JustGiving experience, and to send you alerts. We also use your data to help us make JustGiving better and to advertise to you.


Services Requested: We use your information to provide our Services to you such as processing donations and claiming Gift Aid, if applicable.


Communications: We may use your information to send you some different types of emails when you make a direct donation to a charity, and you can stop receiving them as set forth below:

Types of Emails

How Can You Stop Getting Them?

Related to helping us to analyse how well our products, marketing activities and business processes are working and understanding how we can provide a better experience for our users You can opt-out by clicking unsubscribe at the bottom on the email
Related to donations you make to keep you apprised of what is happening to the charity or campaign page that you have donated to You can opt-out here. If you are a guest user, you can opt-out by clicking unsubscribe at the bottom on the email
Notifying all our users of important alerts related to the platform, like outages or security issues You can opt out here
Containing marketing messages about other ways to give and fundraise, like news and competitions related to charities and Crowdfunding Pages, page activity in your giving network, developments in our Services, information about our affiliates’
products for social good
We only send these with your consent. To stop receiving them, click unsubscribe on any email (which takes you to your Notifications Centre) or visit the Notifications Centre directly
Containing communications, we’re required to provide you by law, like donation receipts, Gift Aid information or notices about data breaches We have to send these emails as required by law, as long as you have a JustGiving account. To stop receiving these emails, please contact us to delete your account.

You can find out more about how we use your data and what emails when you will receive in our full Privacy Policy.


With Whom Are We Sharing Your Data?


We may disclose your data to our affiliated organisations and subsidiaries, and to service providers who render services to us or you on our behalf (all of which are contractually obligated to act only on our instructions and in accordance with applicable laws, including GDPR).


Charities: We share details about direct donations you have made (such as your name, email address and postal address) with our charity partners and not-for-profits who are registered with us. This forms part of our contract with them, so they are able to understand who has made a direct donation to their organisation.


You can find out more about how JustGiving shares data in our full Privacy Policy.


How Do Charity Partners Use My Data?


As stated above we will share your personal data with the charities and not-for-profits to which you directly donate to. When we pass your information to charities, they also become a controller with respect to such personal data. This means that they’re responsible for their own compliance with data protection laws when they use your personal data, and all such use is subject to the charity’s own privacy notice. JustGiving is not responsible for charities’ use of your personal data or the charities’ compliance with applicable laws. When you directly donate to a charity or not-for-profit JustGiving will ask whether or not you consent to receiving email from them about the impact of your donation and other ways to support them including future events, campaigns and appeals. We will pass your consent preference on to the charity if it is subscribed to receive such reporting from us. If you want to change your preferences for a charity to use your data (to contact you or otherwise), please contact the charity directly.


If the charity you’re interacting with hasn’t subscribed to receive charity reporting from JustGiving, that charity won’t have access to details about your consent preferences. This means that they won’t know if you have opted in or out of receiving email fundraising appeals.


Note that charities receive information about supporters from lots of different sources. We’re not the system of record for our charity partners, so we can only collect and evidence your consent to receive email fundraising appeals from our charity partners as you elect on our platform. We cannot reflect any changes in your consent preferences that you make directly with the charity. For example, if you opt in to receive emails from a charity when you donate through JustGiving, but then you subsequently opt out by telling the charity, JustGiving won’t have a record that you opted out of receiving email from that charity.


If you don’t want the charity to have your personal data, you can contact them and exercise your right to erasure.


Users Located in the UK and European Union

In addition to the foregoing, the following provisions apply to our users located in the UK and EU.


On What Legal Bases Do We Process Your Data?

We process your personal data on a variety of legal bases depending on the use. For example, we will only process your personal data to send you direct marketing if we have your consent and you can withdraw this consent at any time by visiting the Notifications Centre and opting out of receiving such emails. Sometimes it is necessary to process your data for us to comply with our legal obligations, like when we send Gift Aid information to HMRC. Please see our separate page on Legal Bases for more information.


How Are We Using Your Data Based on Our Legitimate Interests?

We may process your personal data for the purposes of our legitimate interests, provided that these uses aren’t outweighed by your rights or interests. For any uses we justify on the basis of legitimate interest, you have the right to opt out of such processing here. To learn more about our use of data for our legitimate interests, please see our separate page.


Are We Doing Any Automated Decision Making?

To help our users fundraise more effectively, we may employ machine learning and other analytics that make inferences about some characteristics of our users. We use these tools to tailor emails to you, to show and prioritise causes, fundraisers, pages, and users on your Feed we think you’ll be interested in and make suggestions about how much you may want to fundraise or donate. You can opt out of these processes at any time here. To learn more about the automatic decision-making we do, please see our separate page.


Where Are We Sending Your Data?

As a global platform, we may store some users’ personal data outside the UK or EU. If we do, we ensure your data is processed only in countries that provide an adequate level of protection for your data or where the recipient provides appropriate safeguards, such as model contract clauses, binding corporate rules, or other approved mechanisms.

JustGiving has self-certified to the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework, the UK Extension to the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework, and the Swiss-U.S. Data Privacy Framework (collectively, the “Data Privacy Framework”). For detailed information about our certification and adherence to the Data Privacy Framework, please see the Blackbaud Data Privacy Framework Certification Notice at


Our full Privacy Policy 

It is important that you understand how the personal information you give us will be used. Therefore, we strongly advise that you read our full Privacy Policy or you can ask us for a copy.

Date and number of this version: 30 September 2023