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3/4 of the people we asked believe it’s more important now than ever to help one another.

However, we know people are hesitant about online fundraising…


  • 36% don’t want to ask others for money right now

  • 25% say they’re struggling financially

  • 20% don’t believe they’ll raise much money

  • Others just don’t know what to do 17% or where to start 15%

  • 14% believe they’re too old to get fundraise

  • 13% are worried they wouldn’t be able to complete an activity

That’s why we’ve asked a bunch of amazing fundraisers to share their stories and help you get started with your own fundraising journey.

Feeling stuck? Our JustGivers Network can answer your questions and give you all the confidence you need to do something incredible for a cause you love.

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The JustGivers Network

3 Dads Walking

 Suicide is the biggest killer of those under 35 in the UK. Unfortunately, Tim, Mike and Andy know this only too well. Their worlds were turned upside down when their daughters took their own lives.   

Together, they took on a 300-mile walk raising awareness for suicide prevention and over £994,000 for Papyrus. 

Manny Kang

This life-long Wolverhampton Wanderers supporter has raised hundreds of thousands for Dementia UK.

Running and cycling for hundreds of miles, organising sleepouts, raffling signed football shirts and selling thousands of samosas as part of his infamous ‘Samosa Saturday’s’.  

Paula Craig

Police officer, Paula raised over £33,000 to thank the charity that supported her after she was hit by a car whilst riding her bike in 2001.

In 2022, she became the first paraplegic person to swim the English Channel without a wetsuit, as part of a relay team.  

Max Woosey

Max raised over £600,000 for North Devon Hospice in memory of his neighbour, Rick. Rick gave Max a tent and told him to ‘have an adventure’ – and so he did! 

From his own garden to Buckingham Palace, Max camped outside for 3 years straight, from March 2020 til April 2023 – come rain or shine!

Nick Gardner

Nick would do anything to make his wife, Janet better. But until there is a cure for dementia, he decided to raise as much money as possible to make sure others never have to face such a cruel disease alone.

The 82-year-old mountain lover decided he’d climb all 282 Scottish Munros in 1200 days!

Siobhan Brady

In 2018, Siobhan achieved a Guinness World Record, by performing the Highest Harp concert at 16,000ft in the Himalayas, as part of a fundraising project for Cystic Fibrosis Ireland.

In memory of their project leader, Desmond, she’s now hoping to break the record again – by performing on Mount Kilimanjaro. 

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Tom Harrison

Tom is no stranger to doing things a little differently. He once crawled the London Marathon dressed as a Gorilla.

This year, he’s walking it backwards to raise funds for The British Red Cross, and those affected by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Oscar Burrow

At just 6 years old, Oscar has climbed the equivalent of Mount Everest and raised over £28,000 for Derian House Children’s Hospice in the process.

Along with his Dad, he’s hoping to climb a whopping 12 mountains this year!

Max Brown

 YouTuber, Max Brown is taking on a 10K Tough Mudder for Dementia UK, in honour of his Nan.

Since his Grandad sadly passed away, Max has been taking care of his Nan. The pair have a very special bond – even making TikToks together!

Margaret Stretton

Margaret spent her 100th year fundraising for The Nightingale Cancer Support Centre.

She made over 50 jars of jam and marmalade, and raised over £2,800 for the cause!

Gary McKee

Gary ran 365 marathons in 2022… that’s a marathon every single day of the year! His hard work paid off, raising over £1 million for Macmillan Cancer Support and Hospice at Home West Cumbria.

Adam Lever

Adam was diagnosed with bone cancer when he was 18. He required crutches to learn to walk again after treatment, and ten years on he is hoping to raise £10,000 for the Bone Cancer Research Trust by completing the London Marathon on crutches.

Hercule Van Wolfwinkle

Hercule has been called many things in life, an artist certainly isn’t one of them. But all of that changed one afternoon when he doodled a picture of his dog and stuck it on Facebook.

£125,000 later, people as far as California and Belgium are asking him to draw self-confessed ‘rubbish’ pictures of their pets in return for donations.

Our top tips to help you get started


On average, those who start their fundraising by making a donation to their own page go on to raise 58% more than those who don’t.

Get personal

Personalising your page with a summary of why you’re supporting your chosen charity can lead to 36% more donations. So tell people why you’re doing it for the cause.

Spread the word

Every share of a fundraising page on social media is worth a donation on average of £10.

Keep them posted

Fundraising pages with updates, photos or videos tend to raise 14% more per photo.

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Those who start fundraising three months before event day on average go on to raise twice as much as those who start after.

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