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40ChallengesB440 - Challenge 8!

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Thanks for visiting the team page for Debs 40 Challenges B4 40!

We've joined together to raise money for Myeloma UK in the year leading up to Debs' 40th birthday. Debs was diagnosed with myeloma in 2009, and now, after chemo and a stem cell transplant, is in partial remission. She is passionate about fundraising for Myeloma UK in the hope of making life better for patients and families dealing with this incurable cancer...and you can help too.

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Raised: 323%

Team target: £1,600.00

Raised so far: £5,171.62

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Member photo Name Fundraising progress Raised so far
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Catherine Collett

Catherine's Giving Up all Bread Products for Lent

10 donations



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Clare McCaffrey West

Giving up for Lent (part of Deb Gascoyne's 40 challenges B4 40)

6 donations



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Dawn Fraser

Dawn's No Sugar for 40 days??!!

15 donations



Fundraiser icon

Deb Gascoyne

Rebecca gives up sweets and chocolate! OMG

27 donations



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Helen Colechin

Fi, Wendy, Anna & Helen's No Chocolate Challenge!

13 donations



Fundraiser icon

Helen Foster

Helen's Chocolate Deprivation Challenge

16 donations



Fundraiser icon

Helen Woods

Helen's Lent Fundraiser for Deb Gascoyne

3 donations



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Isobel Taylor

Isobel's Izzy gives up chocolate!

8 donations



Fundraiser icon

Justine Holliday

Justine's Giving Up Alcohol

5 donations



Fundraiser icon

Kate Cheshire


3 donations



Fundraiser icon

Kirsten Dourish

Kirsten's Giving up Chocolate & Bread for Lent!!!

11 donations



Fundraiser icon

Lisa Cook

Lisa's No tea vicar!!

1 donation



Fundraiser icon

Louise Adams

Roddy's 40 Challenges B4 40 Lent Challenge page

13 donations



Fundraiser icon

Natalie Edney

Natalie's 40challengesB440 - giving up alcohol & ketchup for lent!

8 donations



Fundraiser icon

Natalie Ellis

Natalie's Gold Challenge 2014 page

14 donations



Fundraiser icon

Nick Gascoyne

Nick's Candy Crushed for Lent

30 donations



Fundraiser icon

Nick Healey

Nick and Katie's Lent Challenge

7 donations



Fundraiser icon

Ravinder Sidat

Hawa's giving up Sweets & Chocolate for Lent

26 donations



Fundraiser icon

Sarah Bickers

Giving it up for Myeloma UK

10 donations



Fundraiser icon

Sarah Mckenzie

Sarah & Preeti's Myeloma challenge 8 for Deb's 40 challenges B40

58 donations



Fundraiser icon

Vicky Reed

No Bolly Darling!

14 donations



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