Easy fundraising ideas

Raise money for a cause you care about on JustGiving.

Start fundraising

It’s easy to start a page and raise money for a cause you care about on JustGiving. Simply select a category, set a target amount you would like to raise, write a short summary of what you are doing and why, and share to your network of friends, colleagues and family on social media. That’s all it takes to get going. It really is that easy.


Here’s some of our best tips to get your fundraising drive started the easiest way:

Sign up to a fundraising event
You don’t need to be a star athlete to take part in a fundraising event to raise money for charity. There are plenty of different types of organised events to take part in, from swimathons, to fun cycle rides, to the more gruelling and training intensive marathon and triathlon.

Team up
It’s easier when you have help. Start a fundraising team to share the effort. It’s a fun way to help change lives by raising money.

Challenge yourself
Ever wanted to do something really daring? Let the fundraising drive give you the push you need to really challenge yourself. It can help inspire you to new heights.


Getting started is so easy, so let your imagination help you get started with an easy fundraising appeal on JustGiving.

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Easy fundraising ideas

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