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Everyday, someone, somewhere is doing something amazing. Not for themselves, or for the spotlight – but very often for a cause close to their hearts.

Driven by grief, love or a powerful urge to make a difference, behind every fundraiser there is a story. One that this podcast will unravel and explore!

Join fundraiser Caroline Jones as she lifts the lid on 10 incredible fundraising stories – exploring the common thread of grit and determination that drives campaigners forward, and the inevitable highsand lows that follow.


Episode 1

Phil Heckels

Phil Heckels (AKA Hercule Van Wolfwinkle) is renowned for his self-confessed “rubbish” pet portraits, accepting requests from people around the world.

Hear Phil talk about the challenges he faced delivering on his goals and how he decided on the best ways to give back to Turning Tides and Street Vet.

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Episode 2

Leah Chowdhry

Leah became the first ever British Asian woman to swim the English Channel, completing the swim in just 13 hours.

She worked with the British Asian Trust raise funds to protect children in Mumbai vulnerable to commercial sexual exploitation.

Hear her talk about passion, determination and mental strength.

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Episode 3

Charlotte Nichols & Stuart Bates

Charlotte and Stuart completed all 102 Olympic Events to raise funds for Motor Neurone Disease – in the 17 days that Tokyo 2020 took place!

They took on the challenge in memory of Stuart’s much
loved brother Spencer, known to all as Spenny, who sadly lost his life to the disease.

Hear them share just how tough the challenge was, and what it meant to them.

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Episode 4

Simon McDermott

In a deeply personal and touching conversation, Simon McDermott talks to Caroline about his two very different worlds running in parallel: the continuous 24-hour care needed to look after his father, Ted as he lives with dementia, and the bright lights of media attention giving a spotlight to his incredible multi award-winning fundraising.

Simon’s Dad always loved to sing – and their car-share sing-alongs brought in over £150,000 in donations. A record deal and book followed.

Hear Simon talk candidly about
the difficulties of shielding his father from the public eye versus promoting his fundraising campaign.

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Episode 5

Max Woosey

When Max’s neighbour Rick sadly passed away, he left Max a tent and made him promise to ‘have an adventure in it’. And so he did.

Max slept outside in his tent for three years, to raise money for North Devon Hospice, who cared for Rick.

Hear Max talk about his 3-year camp out!

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Episode 6

Diane Copsey

As a survivor of breast cancer herself, Diane signed up for Coppatrek! A challenging
100km 5-day trek along the Pembrokeshire coast.

Diane was determined to raise funds
to support breast cancer awareness.

Hear her talk the incredible atmosphere of the walk, and how it felt to see the donations come rolling in.

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Episode 7

Terence Canning 

Terence’s brother, Mark, suddenly lost his life to Sepsis.

In his memory, Terence ran marathons, completed lengthy cycles and took on a plethora of other
fundraising events to raise money for the UK Sepsis Trust.

Hear him talk about his experience with grief and his mission to raise awareness of Sepsis.

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Episode 8

Rajinder Singh

During the pandemic, Rajinder shared videos which aimed to inspire older
members of the Asian community to stay healthy, whilst also raising money for the NHS.

He ran his first marathon at the age of 74!

Hear him talk about how the racism he encountered when he first moved to the UK inspired him to make a difference, and how you’re never too old for exercise.

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Episode 9

Jenny Smith

During lockdown, photographer Jenny took over 400 socially-distanced door-step photographs in her North London neighbourhood.

Hear Jenny share what inspired her to fundraise for Refuge UK – in memory of her close friend who tragically lost her life to suicide, after suffering years of domestic abuse.

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Episode 10

Caroline Jones

Caroline began fundraising in memory of her mum, Mary who sadly lost her life to breast cancer.

She fundraised by styling herself in a different outfit every day – using clothes she found at Cancer
Research UK shops!

The campaign was tongue-in-cheek titled Knickers Model’s Own
as her pants were always her own.

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