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Explore motivating stories, fundraising tips, and tricks, and hear from some of our most inspirational fundraising heroes!​


Inspire me

Fundraising ideas


Time to get social and create some fun moments and events to raise funds for your charity.

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Fundraising for sports​


Are you taking on a challenge for charity? Here’s what you need to be thinking about…

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How to talk about fundraising

Lost for words? We’ve got heaps of tips and tricks to get those donations rolling in!

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Writing your fundraising story


Capture your supporter’s attention with our top writing tips for your fundraising page.

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Ways to raise money for charity on JustGiving​


There are so many ways to help a cause close to your heart. Whether you feel like getting social, getting fit, or doing something wild, there are thousands of charities in the UK you can support.​

Do your own thing

Organised Event

Fundraising as a team

Remembering someone

Celebrating something

Fundraising when you’re out and about

Knocking on doors, or bucket collecting at your local supermarket, we’ve got you covered.

Donations on the go!​

Did you know that you can donate with Apple Pay and Google Pay on your phone? Making fundraising easy wherever you are!​

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Paying in, your way​​

It’s nice to see your total fundraising amount in all its glory; it’s easy to add your cash-in-hand donations to
your page.

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Donations transferred weekly

As soon as you start fundraising, your charity will immediately start
feeling the positive effects of all your hard work.

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