Choosing your social channel​

Using social media to spread the word can be incredibly powerful​. We recommend choosing the ones you’ve used in the last 6 months.

Give your fundraising a social boost


A share to Facebook is powerful. Don’t forget to tag your friends in your post to make sure it’s really seen. Encourage them to share your page too!


Sharing your page on Twitter is a great way of getting your journey out there. Identify a suitable celebrity influencer and ask them to retweet your page.​


Hit up your WhatsApp groups by sending a message to your family or friends with a link to your page.​


Don’t forget about your network of colleagues. Pssst… why not add your page link to your professional email signature?


Video yourself talking about your fundraising and what it means to you. Don’t forget to share your page link too!​


Add your Fundraising Page in your bio. Use your Instagram story as a platform to voice the cause you’re passionate about.


So what’s the deal?

If you include the right Instagram and Twitter hashtags on your posts, you’ll reach more people with your fundraising page.

Adding a hashtag (e.g. #GivingTuesday, #NoFilter) will make your post more discoverable. Anyone who clicks on a hashtag or searches for it will see a page with all the posts associated with the hashtag.


Stand out on Facebook with photos

Prepare to get snap happy! Using photography alongside your fundraising page is a great way of getting your post to stand out. Think about the background, the rule of thirds, and what you’re going to say with the photo.


Record yourself appealing for donations

Sharing a video of you talking about your cause and mission is a great way to grab people’s attention!

The perfect platforms for quick video updates are Instagram Story and SnapChat.

We recommend using YouTube or Vimeo, as it allows you and others to share your video as many times as you like. Don’t forget to add your page link under the video!