Our new team pages mean you and your friends can each have your own fundraising page but join them together to contribute to an overall total. Whether it’s a shared group effort, or you want to introduce some friendly competition between team members, it’s never been easier to fundraise together.

How to get started as team captain:

  1. Launch a fundraising page

  2. From your fundraising page select ‘Create a Team'

  3. Personalise your team page with your story and an eye-catching photo 

  4. Set a team target and launch your page!

  5. Share your team page with your friends for them to join

Start fundraising


 How to create a team page

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 How to edit your team page

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 How to join a team

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Check out these amazing teams!


26 Olympians Challenge

26 Olympian’s got together to fundraise as a team for the UK’s 2.6 challenge.

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Everest team challenge

Everest Team Challenge

team of 20 trekked Everest to raise money for Mary Ann Evans Hospice.

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Matalan London Marathon

Matalan London Marathon

These marathon-running Matalan colleagues took on fundraising together as one team.

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