Share your page on social media


Getting your page in front of as many people as possible is key to bringing in those all-important donations.


We know that sharing your page at certain times of day such as 9am, lunchtime, 8pm, and 10:30pm can lead to more page views and donations.


Email your contacts


Start with your closest friends and family. Their donations will encourage others to donate.


This group also tends to donate higher amounts which looks great on your page and people also tend to match the amounts already given.


Make regular updates


These keep your page looking fresh and give you plenty of opportunities to share it.


We've found that you could raise an average of 6% more for every update you make!


Explain how it will help


Check out your charity’s website for information on how the donations you receive will help them.


What could X donation provide? What would X donation mean to the charity?


Promote your page offline


Use a QR code generator to add a QR code to posters and flyers. Why not hold a bake sale for your friends or colleagues. 

Want to smash your fundraising target? Here are some extra tips for you.

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