Top 10 Fundraising Tips

How to boost your online fundraising with JustGiving

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1. Get snapping


Fundraisers with pictures or videos on their page raise 13% more per photo. A perfect excuse for a #selfie!

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2. Tell your story


Writing a story on your JustGiving page helps your supporters understand why you're fundraising. You could raise 65% more if you do.

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3. Shoot for a target


We've crunched the numbers, and found that pages with a target raise 17% more. Aim high!

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4. Don't be afraid to share


Sharing your page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp will help you raise more. Let people know about the good stuff you're doing.

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5. Don't forget about email


There are lots of your friends, colleagues and neighbours who are not on social networks but would love to hear about what you are doing.

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6. Add a video or livestream


Add a video as a cover photo by adding a YouTube link. Videos really help tell your story and why your cause is so important. You can also live stream directly on your page to show how you are raising money.

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7. Connect fitness apps

Taking on a physical challenge? You could raise 111% more and have supporters keep track of your progress by connecting your page with your Strava or Fitbit account.

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8. Update your page


Let supporters know how you are doing by updating your page often, they will enjoy following your progress and you can even do it through our smartphone app.

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9. Self donate


People who make a donation to their own page to get them started raise a whopping 84% more!

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10. Say thanks!


20% of donations come in after your event has ended, so make sure you follow up to thank your supporters.

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10 Roundel - reaching fundraising target

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