Dr Lesley Morrison's appeal:

"I was a GP colleague and friend of Dr Pat Manson who tragically died in  2012.

In his memory we decided last year to produce a little book of poems which would accompany new young doctors on the beginning of their emotionally demanding work. It  fits easily into their pockets and acts as  a source of comfort and support, a friend. When they  are often at risk of being overwhelmed by a vast amount of protocols and clinical data, this little book serves to nourish their humanity and remind them that they are not alone in their experience.

I had discussed this idea with Pat and, as was his way, he was positive and encouraging about it. He was creative and loved poetry. He was passionate about teaching and motivating young doctors and he cared deeply about his patients: as his BMJ obituary said, "The well-being and care of his patients was the cornerstone of his professional life and he gave his time unstintingly, often to his own personal detriment".

The Scottish Poetry Library, as a charity, are contributing their experience and knowledge of poetry and, thanks to donations from friends, medical colleagues and poetry lovers, have  produced enough copies to give one to every new Scottish medical graduate in 2014 and 2015. The book has been so warmly received - for example, here's Dr Richard Smith's lovely BMJ blog review - that now we hope to produce another edition for students graduating in 2016 and 2017.

Would you like to be part of  this project? We want to  make “Tools of the Trade”  as widely available as possible. In memory of Pat and to promote the ethos of kindness and humanity in health care, please consider donating."


 You can either donate through this JustGiving page, or you can send a cheque payable to Scottish Poetry Library, addressing the envelope to Scottish Poetry Library: Poetry for New Doctors, 5 Crichton’s Close, Canongate, Edinburgh EH8 8DT.

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We've got a wonderful problem - we're now sold out of the Tools of the Trade copies we'd set aside for general use! But plenty copies are already at the medical schools at the universities of Dundee, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow ready for graduation in 2015.

09/01/15 05:42

A small proportion of the print run of _Tools of the Trade: poems for new doctors_ is available for sale through the Scottish Poetry Library's online shop All the cover price goes straight into the fund for completing the print run in 2015.

21/08/14 10:03

It's great people are finding out about Tools of the Trade from all these different sources: a Radio Scotland Culture Cafe interview, a lovely blog review from Dr Richard Smith at the BMJ ( and Radio 4's Front Row in August (

21/08/14 09:46

The first half of the print run has been given to medical students graduating in summer 2014 - as you can see from these great photos from Dundee! The response has been heartwarming, and sales and donations are going straight into the growing fund towards 2015.

21/08/14 09:41

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A fantastic project, much needed.

Donation by Anonymous on 12/08/15


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Donation by Fiona on 27/07/15


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A great project at a time when the power of poetry is often undervalued in society

Donation by Adele Pilkington on 17/07/15

Donation by Anonymous on 26/06/15


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Donation by Anonymous on 07/01/15


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What a great idea. I hope that this spreads!

Donation by Jonathan Richards on 05/12/14


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Donation by Anonymous on 06/10/14

Good luck with this original project.

Donation by Anonymous on 12/09/14


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Donation by Anonymous on 01/09/14


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Great idea by a thoughtful GP and a very fitting tribute to Pat who was such a dedicated, caring and compassionate man.

Donation by Anonymous on 25/08/14


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Thrilled to contribute to this, what a great idea. And touched to see my anthologies on your home page!

Donation by Daisy Goodwin on 21/08/14

I caught a snatch of this last night on Front Row. What a great idea- and not just for new doctors too!

Donation by Imogen Stephens on 19/08/14


Thank you for organising this - he and you are doctors who care.

Donation by Irene Young on 18/08/14

Great idea Lesley, thanks for organising. We Care.

Donation by Anne on 17/05/14

A fitting tribute in memory of an admired colleague

Donation by Anonymous on 08/01/14

Donation by Anonymous on 18/12/13


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Good luck.

Donation by ARM on 14/10/13


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a fitting memorial, and I'm sure will be appreciated by future GPs

Donation by Katy M on 01/10/13


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Donation by T.Hanna on 26/09/13


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I didn't know Pat but this would be a lovely legacy...

Donation by Pete Churn on 09/09/13

We knew Pat at Cresswell Hospital, Dumfries, in the late 70's. Well done for thinking of such an unusual memorial to a caring doctor.

Donation by Jack and Mary Taylor on 06/09/13

Great project - best of luck!

Donation by Nora Murray-Cavanagh on 20/08/13

Donation by Phil Wilson on 10/08/13


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

What a wonderful project - just the thing to help young doctors maintain and develop their humanity in the face of protocols and tickboxes

Donation by Maggie Eisner on 03/08/13

Excellent idea to help support doctors in times of stress.

Donation by Anonymous on 01/08/13


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