Well hello there, I'm very glad you could take the time to visit this lovely, useful and worthwhile page. I'm guessing if you've arrived here then you already have some idea of what I am attempting, but in case you know nothing of my venture then I can tell you that on October the 7th I'm going to be running the 13.1 miles of the Royal Parks Half Marathon!

'But Simon' I hear you cry 'why on earth would you do something like this'!? The answer is not that I just love London scenery so much that I felt a sudden need to take it all in in one go, if that was the case I would simply have got on a hop on hop off bus tour. In fact the reason I'm doing this is to try to provide aid and support for people in desperate need and to try and lift them out of poverty wherever they might be.

I'm looking to raise at the very least £300 which will go, via Christian Aid, to help many people living in poverty and without reasonable living conditions in Africa particularly and across the world. I have been lucky enough to travel to Malawi and Zambia in Africa and I have seen first hand just how much good can be brought about by simple measures. Whilst I was there I stayed in the Malaria belt and had to be taking incredibly expensive anti malarial tablets every day and sleep every night with a mosquito net to ensure I stayed safe. However, the people of Senga Bay, the area I spent most time in, had no such protection and like much of the rest of Africa malaria was prevalent. The spread of this disease can be significantly hindered by simply purchasing cheap mosquito nets for people to sleep under. It only costs £3 and can genuinely save lives. This is why I am running this half marathon, because the smallest things like a net an create the biggest difference in someone's life.

Just think for a moment, your donation could save a child from Malaria by providing a mosquito net, or equally save a village from dysentery by funding a water pump. How great would that feel? Pretty cracking I think.

If you've been at all moved to donate by what's been said here then please do, because whilst I do enjoy running anyway I would also like to think it might help other people in the world too.

Thank you so much for whatever you give, it means a lot to me and even more to the people it will help.

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Christian Aid

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Poverty is an outrage against humanity. It robs people of dignity, freedom and hope, of power over their own lives. Christian Aid has a vision - an end to poverty - and we believe that vision can become a reality. All donations made on the main page will go to our general funds.

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Donation by Anonymous on 18/10/12


i guess you did OK.

Donation by olivia beecham on 15/10/12


Well done for doing this and then our week out. You were best dad in James by far! Come round whenever you want :)

Donation by Hannah Brear on 14/10/12


Well done Simon! I know your father from the Oracle User Group and he's told me all about your run (and the "other" Simon behind you!)

Donation by Owen Ireland on 11/10/12


+ £1.25 Gift Aid

Great work Simon! and say hallo to your great father who enspired us on OOW conference just a week ago. Oracle scratchpad reader and writer

Donation by Kirill Loifman on 11/10/12


Donation by Steve Gardiner on 08/10/12


Donation by Celia ONeill on 07/10/12


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

Oracle scratchpad reader.. All the best !!!

Donation by Nath on 07/10/12

Great idea for a great cause. Good luck and hope you enjoy it!

Donation by Jenni Simpson on 06/10/12


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

Great job - keep up the good work.

Donation by Christopher Taylor - Oracle DBA US on 02/10/12

Good luck on the run. The army taught me just how much I hate running.

Donation by Dallas Deeds on 02/10/12


Good Luck Simon!!

Donation by James Thompson on 01/10/12


You can do it Simon, you have the power! Great cause xxx

Donation by Laura Haddad on 01/10/12


Hope the run goes well, I know I could never run a marathon, I'm not fit enough, but I know God will be energising you right from the start! :)

Donation by Sian Siner on 01/10/12

Good luck Simon! Told you I'd get around to donating at some point XD x

Donation by Georgie Hewitt on 01/10/12


Best of luck! Hope that it goes well. I'll give you an extra £1 for each minute under 1hour 45. Sound fair to you?!

Donation by Christopher Hutchinson on 28/09/12


All the best in this.

Donation by Hans Forbrich on 27/09/12


Donation by Tom Robbins on 25/09/12


Good luck!

Donation by Bernd Weissfloch on 24/09/12


Came here by your father, but actually you deserve to get a lot of money for this. Have fun!

Donation by Dick on 24/09/12

Donation by Anonymous on 24/09/12


Best of luck for your Half Marathon and fund raising efforts Simon. Ananda

Donation by Ananda Rao Vundavalli on 24/09/12


+ £2.50 Gift Aid

Dear Simon, you apparenly have a generous and giving heart - just like you father who inspires and teaches us for many years already. Good luck!

Donation by Todor Botev on 24/09/12


Good luck, Simon. All the very best in the half marathon and in your fund raising efforts.

Donation by Adam Yardley on 24/09/12


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

I support you, all the best. Eric

Donation by Eric Grancher on 24/09/12


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