*NEW UPDATE* It is testament to the character of Isa and the beauty of the people who know him that the money for the initially planned ambulance (£7000) was raised in less than 14 hours. The response has been so overwhelming that now we have the startup funds for a FIELD HOSPITAL in Homs, which will be named after him. This was something Isa had been planning to do and has the capacity to treat much more people.

Our beloved brother and friend Isa Abdur-Rahman was killed today (22/05/13) when their hospital was shelled by the brutal Syrian regime whilst providing medical aid to the Syrian civilians.

Those who knew him personally, and those who have heard of him, will know what an amazing, inspirational, kind and deeply-caring person he was. It is quite hard to where even begin describing what an amazing person he was, and all of us are still in shock.

We plan to set up an ambulance (now field hospital) in his memory, to carry long a cause he was always passionate about - helping and being there for those who need it the most.


(The hospital will be set up and run by the registered charity Hand in Hand for Syria - the charity Isa was working with). 

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Hand In Hand For Syria

Hand In Hand For Syria

Charity Registration No. 1145862

We have been at the forefront of humanitarian aid in Syria since the conflict began. Unlike most aid agencies, we work inside Syria, so your gifts will go straight to the people in most desperate need. And since we cover our costs in other ways, every single penny of your donation will go to Syria.

Raising money for

Run by Hand In Hand For Syria

Charity Registration No. 1145862

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Never forgotten iA

Donation by Anonymous on 01/01/16


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Make Dua for me and my family as well as the Ummah, insha'ALLAH

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Your courage and humanity is an inspiration. Thank you.

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Love from London

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May Allah accept this donation and provide food and shelter for those brothers and sisters in syria and grant them the highest rank of Jannah.

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Brother Isa - if only there were more people like you in the world - the world would be a much better place.In shaa Allah - Allah SWT has blessed you with a place in the highest station of Jannah.

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Always in our duas, and an example to many.

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For Allah, Rasoolullah صلى الله عليه و سلم sister, father, mother, the mighty Prophets of Allah, their devoted family, friends/sahaba, the 4 greatest gals, PPF & the Al Furqan Concept.

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