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I'm raising money for the Children's Liver Disease Foundation through asking for donations from people who download my free knitting patterns from the social networking site for yarn lovers, My patterns include bags, blankets, toys and more than a few oddities!

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So please make a donation now to help this really worthwhile cause.

Raising money for

Children's Liver Disease Foundation

Children's Liver Disease Foundation

Charity Registration No. 1067331

UK charity Children's Liver Disease Foundation takes action against the effects of childhood liver disease, providing information, emotional support, research funds and a voice for all affected.

Raising money for

Run by Children's Liver Disease Foundation

Charity Registration No. 1067331

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For the 'Tolly' baby jacket, and also a 'top up' for the 'Pippi' baby jacket as I have now knitted it so many times I feel I should pay a bit more!

Donation by Fran MacHardy on 18/05/15

Oops, I've already forgotten the name of the pattern. I love this slip stitch shawl collar baby jacket. This is my first donation but won't be my last.

Donation by chari on 16/05/15

Just knitted 12 pinwheel flowers as part of our village knit & natter project for the local school. Totally addictive pattern. Have to stop now, I have a man-sized reindeer cardigan to finish.

Donation by Pamela Butler on 15/05/15

I have Chronic Kidney Disease but since the beginning of this year I am now in remission for which I am truly grateful. I have just downloaded your Pinwheel Purse and intend to use it as an Ort Box.

Donation by Jenni on 10/05/15

I knitted Frankie's Woodland Wreath - a lovely pattern and I really enjoyed doing it - thanks very much - CLDF have helped our family for the last 20 years and are a fabulous charity.

Donation by on 09/05/15

Donation by Heidico on 30/04/15

Saw your pattern for the Emergency hat. I love it! And it will double as a cute ponytail hat as well. Thanks for sharing! I'm a beginner knitter and this will be fun and motivating practice!

Donation by Angeline from Reno, Nevada, USA on 23/04/15

Donation by Gerhard Schoppel on 21/04/15

Thank you for sharing those wonderful 10 stitch patterns. Love the twist and can't wait to get started on it. It will be perfect in my conservatory on the long seat.

Donation by witchneedles. on 14/04/15

Thank you for sharing your wonderful patterns!

Donation by bb3b on 14/04/15

Thank you for sharing your patterns. Great idea for helping a worthy cause!

Donation by Darlene on 06/04/15

Thank you for donating YOUR skills to help raise money.

Donation by Pat Barnett on 06/04/15

I really love your patterns!

Donation by Viv on 03/04/15

Cash donation

Donation by Frankie Brown on 01/04/15

Thank you sharing your patterns

Donation by Louise on 01/04/15

Thank you for Syrian squares

Donation by Anonymous on 27/03/15

Donation by Anonymous on 26/03/15

Hi This is for the Pippi baby booties and hat patterns. Thanks, they are great patterns.

Donation by Anonymous on 25/03/15

For Pathways Blanket. Brilliant idea! Frankie you are so good to the world! Thank you!!

Donation by mvi on 23/03/15

Great patterns. Great fundraising idea!

Donation by Victoria on 22/03/15

This is for the "Ten Stitch Blanket" pattern. Thank you!!

Donation by Elayne on 20/03/15

This donation is for "Which came First" (what a great idea, just love it) and the "Ten Stitch Blanket. Thank you.

Donation by Perugina17 on 20/03/15

Thank you so much for the knitting patterns, and what a great way to raise money for such a worthy cause! Keep it up, you have some AMAZING patterns!!

Donation by Anonymous on 19/03/15

Thank you for the patterns!

Donation by Anonymous on 17/03/15

Thank you.

Donation by Izzy on 15/03/15

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