Hello, my name is Simon Whitehouse and I have a dream.


I have two week holiday from work with the sole focus to achieve the above dream.

Saturday 2nd April at 8am NYC time I will start running from New York and continue non-stop until reaching the Rocky Steps Philadelphia. The fund-raising $$ for MIND charity has already started and will not stop until we raise $1m - PLEASE HELP US - DONATE NOW.


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Instagram: #simonsrockyroad, @simonsrockyroad


WHY DO THIS: It all began in January 2013... when I started writing a blog called “Simon’s Rocky Road”. It described a journey which began with the idea of running 100 miles non-stop from New York to The Rocky Steps in Philadelphia for my brother's 40th birthday. It described the training and the diet, and it travelled thru the ups & the downs of what it would take for one over-weight amateur runner,who had never even ran a half-marathon before, to achieve his ambition in 3 months.

The blog also gave an insight into living with mental health issues.


BROTHER'S CHILDHOOD DREAM: I did it to fulfil a childhood ambition. As little boys watching Rocky with my brother, Stephen, we always dreamt of being Rocky Balboa running up the legendary Rocky Steps in Philadelphia. On 28 April 2013, after hypothermia, hallucinations, sun-stroke, sleep deprivation and 29 hours constant forward motion I finally reached those goddamn Steps. It was my brother’s 40birthday.


You can see the video here:


WHY DID I DO THIS? Exactly 20 years prior to this my bro had had a mental breakdown. He was just 20 years old when it happened and he’s never really recovered since. That evil bastard mental illness has crushed half his life; and cast a huge shadow over mine. That goddamn 100 miles of pure pain was my birthday present to him, a chance to raise awareness for mental health, and time to realise our dream. It was a metaphor of our life as brothers. One half of the run in happy daylight sunshine and onehalf in the cold agonising darkness as we both have grappled with mentalillness – my bro after his breakdown (and subsequent schizophrenia) and myself living with that ‘Black Dog’called depression since our father cruelly and suddenly died in 2006.




WHAT HAPPENED NEXT: All the training and the Rocky Steps run in April'13 took it’s toll on my body. A few months after that goddamn 100 mile run I was going for an attempt to run from London 175 miles non-stop to my family home in Stoke-on-Trent for Christmas (yep, that’s like 7 marathons non-stop) but I ruptured a ligament in my ankle during training. My running partner, Marathon Mike, went ahead with the175 mile run while I walked & biked next to him with a torn ligament in my foot. Our friend Anne also ran her first 50 mile ultra. It was the shortest day of the year with 16 hours of darkness as well as the worst storms in the UK for over 25 years. Again, we went thru hallucinations, hypothermia, emotional breakdowns and sleep deprivation - but we finished it all the goddamn same.  It took 41 hours non-stop.


You can see the video here:


SURGERY: In March'14 I had major surgery to reconstruct my ankle and since then I’ve done so much physiotherapy (and quite a lot of crying). During 2015 I’ve been quietly recovering and, more recently, I’ve just sucked it up and began training harder (#shutupandtrain) - all with one goal in mind:


To go back to New York and run those 100 miles non-stop to the Rocky Steps in Philadelphia --- but this time for MY 40th birthday and to raise A HELLUVA LOT OF MONEY FOR CHARITY!!


DEPRESSION: Y’see, 3 years ago I reached those goddamn Rocky Steps but I did not run all the way. At mile 78, after about 24 hours non-stop running I suffered a complete emotional, physical, mental shutdown. I couldn’t move anymore - I just lay there crying on the lawn of a crumby gas station just outside a goddamn dump called Trenton. I couldn’t move anymore. The pain was too much I swear to God. This is the poignant part for me: the metaphor of depression, of life, of human will... when you are lower than your lowest ebb, on your hands & knees, DO YOU QUIT OR FIND THE WILL TO STAND UP AND KEEP GOING?

MILE 78: Eventually, and with the help of an amazing group of friends in the support crew, from somewhere I found the will to stand up. And once I could stand up I could move forward again. It was slow and painful but I KEPT MOVING FORWARD. I walked maybe 3 hours maybe 7 miles, my thigh splitting open in agony. After 85 miles and 26 hours the pain in my leg and the pressures in my mind became too much and we made a team decision to bike the final 20 miles. There were people already waiting hours for us at the Rocky steps; plus Mike n Janie needed to rush back to NYC for work the next day. It was stressful - the mind really messes you up after running non-stop for a day!!! - it became more about the overall team accomplishment and being able to celebrate together at The Steps in daylight - so I took Janie's bike (way too small for me!) and cycled the final 15-20 miles .The whole escapade eventually took 29 hours from start to finish.

WE WENT THE DISTANCE: So, it’s true, I went the distance - moreover WE went the distance. All that way from New York to Philadelphia. We did that 100 or so miles in 29 hours non-stop, no sleep. We wished my bro a Happy Birthday and we raised a lot of money for MIND. We kinda did it.

I DIDN'T RUN 100 MILES: It’s true, I went the distance but because of this'n'that I didn't run all the way. Y’see, I didn’t beat it. I didn’t win. I didn't run THE WHOLE WAY. This is what plagues me. We raised some money, but we didn't raise A HELLUVA LOT OF MONEY, and believe me we want to raise a stinking whole lotta ££ $$ €€ dough, ch-ching, bucks, de niro's, whatever you wanna call it - YOU'VE GOT IT and WE WANT IT from you!! :-)

THIS IS WHY I'M GOING BACK: I need to run it all the way no matter how hard, no matter how many hours it takes. I NEED TO GO THE DISTANCE and WE NEED TO RAISE MORE MONEY!!!


WE'RE GONNA FINISH THIS: SO... 3 years later, 3 years fatter, 3 years older, 3 years wiser... I’m going back to mile 78, mile 85, and I'm going to go thru the pain again. Then WE are going to finish it. No blog, no fan-fare, no woo-har, no time pressures, no celebrations at The Steps, no work the next day, no bicycle. Just simply going back to finish the job - just to get it done, tick it off in my mind that I've run 100 miles, close the 40th birthday loop to both my brother and I, and we can raise a HELLUVA LOT OF CASH FOR CHARITY.

Surely if I can go thru this pain then YOU CAN HELP OUT.

Surely you can donate some cash.

Surely you can share this link:

Surely WE TOGETHER can raise $1m !!!!!

When I can’t run I will walk. When I can’t walk I will crawl. When I can't crawl I will cry. But mark my words - I WILL NOT QUIT.


... and WE WILL RAISE $1m.

I'll start running from New York at 8am on Saturday 2nd April and keep going non-stop all day - 4 continuous marathons one painfully after the other - no sleep thru the night, thru dawn and into the next day - hoping to arrive at The Rocky Steps Philadelphia some 35-40 hours later on Sunday evening (my 40th birthday is 4th April). For a 48 hour period you'll be able to follow (Instagram, twitter, facebook) @simonsrockyroad .

And believe me - I WILL GO THE DISTANCE.

Why? Because this is human nature. We must always advance. No matter what shit we go thru, whatever we must endure, we must never give in.

 "Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place and it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done. Now, if you know what you’re worth, then go out and get what you’re worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hits, and not pointing fingers saying you ain’t where you are because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain’t you. You’re better than that!”


This is why I run for MIND - because I know that they will never give in until the stigma of mental illness is broken.


MIND WILL NEVER GIVE UP until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets both the support and respect they deserve.

In a nutshell, that’s it. MIND is there to help & support my brother when I am not and cannot, and that touches me.

That makes me cry.

This is why I run for MIND. 

SO KEEP MOVING FORWARD – never never never give in, and please, PLEASE sponsor me.


Unashamedly begging for your help and sponsorship to raise $1m. Seriously, WE WANT TO RAISE $1m so please GIVE GENEROUSLY and please send this to every person you know - especially the rich & uber wealthy ones!!!! If we are to achieve this big dream then this message needs to go far & wide.......

Simon x

P.S. - when you have sponsored me then please SHARE THIS LINK ( WITH YOUR FRIENDS/FAMILY AND ASK THEM TO SPONSOR ME TOO WITH LOTS OF £££££ (shamelessly begging to raise ££ for charity!!)

P.P.S. why do something little when dreams were always meant to be big and wonderful ?

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Mind - The Mental Health Charity

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Simon, I remember the first time you sent me a link to learn more about your brother and his journey, I shared it with my dad - your powerful,emotive writing stopped us both in our tracks. Well done!

Donation by Samata on 29/04/16


Well done Sie - if only you ran for that long for Tuesday! Speak soon.

Donation by Anonymous on 20/04/16


+ £7.50 Gift Aid

Hi Simon, hope this brings you up to your goal? Nat. XX

Donation by Anonymous on 19/04/16


Donation by Anonymous on 19/04/16


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

Well done Simon! X

Donation by Bev malik on 19/04/16

Hope all is well Simon. Look forward very much to catching up with you soon and hear all about the epic run.

Donation by Iain Renwick on 18/04/16


+ £25.00 Gift Aid

Inspiring, well done Simon. Love fiona Pierre lukas & freyja x x

Donation by Anonymous on 17/04/16


+ £5.00 Gift Aid

So so proud of you, you should be proud of your achievement too, xxx

Donation by Mum, Steve and Mr Pat on 15/04/16


Brilliant work for a brilliant cause. Well done Simon!

Donation by Sam Purnell on 14/04/16


+ £1.25 Gift Aid

Donation by Anonymous on 13/04/16


Amazing work for a fantastic cause. Well done!

Donation by Anonymous on 12/04/16

Mega congrats! So proud of you, wish we were there with you, maybe next time...

Donation by Marcia Jackson on 12/04/16


+ £7.50 Gift Aid

Well done cuz ! So proud of you. Lots of love to you, Stephen and your mum x

Donation by Em and Kev xx on 11/04/16


+ £7.50 Gift Aid

Donation by Anonymous on 11/04/16


Donation by Tomorrow London Limited on 11/04/16


You are helping to break down the walls. Those 100miles are tons of steps toward the direction of making the world a better place for everybody thanks to SUPPORT, KNOWLEDGE,LOVE.Keep moving forward!

Donation by ASSUNTA MOLINARO on 10/04/16


Donation by Anonymous on 09/04/16

Congrats on your achievement!

Donation by Alexandra d'Archangelo on 09/04/16


A fantastic achievement! Well done Simon.

Donation by Ariel on 08/04/16


+ £7.50 Gift Aid

Congratulations! Amazing Challenge!

Donation by Andrew Keith on 08/04/16


An absolutely brilliant challenge and excellent charity!

Donation by Chris Penn on 07/04/16

I don't know you (but I do know mental health challenges) stumbled across your mission...Amazing effort raising for a great cause!

Donation by Anonymous on 06/04/16


Amazing effort Si!

Donation by Harv on 06/04/16


+ £2.50 Gift Aid

Simon you and your team were great, well done! Big hug, Cris x

Donation by Anonymous on 06/04/16

Donation by Sue and Ben Mandel on 06/04/16

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